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photo montage of Luna's show items

43 Awesome Tips to Rock the Celebration

Choosing the details of a child’s birthday party is not always a very easy action, since there are a large number of theme options available and many details to be resolved, such as decoration, cake and invitation. In the case of dads opting for the Luna show party theme, there are very nice items that can be used, which can please the most diverse types of children and of course, the other guests as well.

Check below several models of items that can be part of this bash, so that, if you make a celebration with this theme, you already know exactly what you can use and abuse, thus organizing an unforgettable party.

photo montage of Luna's show items

Luna Show Party Decoration Tips

One of the main things that need to be really impeccable when making a Luna show party is the decoration, as it will give all the special touch for the guests to find the event really cool. It is possible to have several types of decoration, each one to be possible to please a type of child and daddies, like the ones below.


Who said that simple cannot be beautiful? Yes it can, and it can a lot! With the right details, a simple decoration can look wonderful. And if you’re part of the team of people who like simplicity, you can check out some forms of Luna’s party show that, even being a little simpler, owe nothing to beauty. The secret of this type of organization is the creativity at maximum level.

simple decoration show by Luna

As simple as a decoration is, adopting the use of balloons can give a great charm.

simple decoration show by Lunasimple decoration show by Luna


Being increasingly adopted at various types of parties, the Provençal furniture is extremely famous for the delicacy it adds to the environment, and it’s no different when it comes to Luna’s party show. Able to make the decoration look different, it is available in different sizes. The most common color is white, but it is totally possible to find it in other shades.

decor with provencal furniture from the Luna show

Yellow Provençal furniture could be a success

decor with provencal furniture from the Luna showdecor with provencal furniture from the Luna showdecor with provencal furniture from the Luna show


It’s very common to see Luna’s show party decorations in red, gold, blue and several others, however, the pink color is usually a little out. However, if your daughter is in love with pink, don’t worry because it is not impossible to use it, since there is the possibility of finding it in different shades such as light and pink in wonderful decoration models.

Luna's show pink decorationLuna's show pink decorationLuna's show pink decorationLuna's show pink decoration


A somewhat rustic feel can often be all that was needed to make the party really look the way daddies would like. Through small items it is possible to leave the event with this characteristic, but without losing the grace that a Luna show party asks for.

Rustic decor at Luna's showRustic decor at Luna's show

A wood-colored piece of furniture is a great option.

Rustic decor at Luna's showRustic decor at Luna's showRustic decor at Luna's show

Details in simple wooden boxes are able to make all the difference and give the rustic tone so desired.

Rustic decor at Luna's show


Fans of something more luxurious also have their turn here, and because of that we’ve separated for them some wonderful models of cute, delicate decorations and full of chic details. Just abuse different items like flowers, drawings and various ways to decorate.

Luna's show decorationLuna's show decorationLuna's show decoration


Children’s party decoration is already something wonderful and capable of generating many smiles due to its cuteness, now decoration with baby touches it’s a sweetness apart. Because of that, how about checking some details on baby to make the event even more delicate? The main way to do this is to build the theme characters in baby versions, as they are the cutest thing!

luna's biscuit show dollsluna's biscuit show dollluna's biscuit show dolls

Photos of Luna Decorated Cake Show

One of the most important items at a party is without a doubt the cake, so it can’t be missing in any way at Luna’s show party. This is so real that there are people who are super anxious for hours just to know what kind of cake model to choose. There are several versions of this wonderful candy, each with some specific characteristics that can be seen below.

With whipped cream/frosting

Extremely adopted in Brazil, the whipped cream/frosting cake, in addition to being super beautiful, still has a unique flavor, therefore, fans of this delight can already prepare the psychological because now they will see wonderful versions of it.

Luna's show whipped cream cake

This type of cake allows for varied textures and designs.

Luna's show whipped cream cake

With American Pasta

American pasta cake may not even be the most adopted in Brazilian lands, since we are so used to the famous whipped cream, but it is one of the best types, there is no doubt about it. Able to be able to count on a unique decoration, it still makes children to be super enchanted with its look. With the American paste it is possible to create more differentiated and daring shapes.

Luna's show american pasta and three-tier cake

The multi-story cake with American paste gives a great charm!

Luna's show american pasta cake

Luna's show american pasta three-tier cakeLuna's show american pasta cakecake with eyes from Luna's show

With Rice Paper

The great advantage of rice paper is that through it it is possible to achieve different decorations, such as drawings almost as if they were stamped on it. Because of this, it is common to find people who are still extremely adept at this type of cake, which despite being the least adopted nowadays still has all its charm.

Luna's concert cake with rice paper

Templates for Invitations and Favors

Invitations and party favors are essential on a birthday, as they are the tangible memories that guests will keep even long after the event. The more creative and cute the better, check it out below:


If the first impression is really the one that stays, then it is essential that party invitations cause a wonderful impression. So, don’t spare mental efforts and try to do something really cool for your little one’s party.

Luna's show invitationLuna's show invitationLuna's show invitation

Creating the invitation as if it were a concert ticket can be a great option.

Luna's show invitationLuna's show invitation


The party favors are responsible for making the party close with a flourish or go away, so it is necessary to pay attention to these items so that they are really good and make the guests happy.

Luna's gift box of candylittle pot as a souvenir of Luna's showLuna's show souvenir emlagensLuna's show souvenir candy tubes

Luna's gift box candysweets

Like the cakes, the party sweets also need a lot of attention, so putting cute details on them that have to do with the theme can be both a beautiful and delicious idea.

Luna's cupcake showLuna's show nest milk candies

Now that you’ve seen the many details that can make all the difference in your party, just choose the one that suits you best to make an event beyond cute!

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