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Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman movie banner.

42 beautiful models for you and your daughter!

One of the characters in the most famous female comics of all time is the Wonder Woman. Its first appearance happened in 1941, in the magazine All Star Comics # 8. Since then, she has become an example, mainly from the feminist movement. For this reason, many girls and women choose this character to pay homage at Carnival and costume parties. If you like this heroine and identify with her, you need to check out the 42 Wonder Woman fantasy photos that we have separated for you!

Wonder Woman Story

In recent times we have had some productions with appearances by Wonder Woman. Among the main ones are the movie Wonder Woman, released in Brazil on June 1 last year and starring actress Gal Gadot. But because this character inspires films as big as this one from Warner Bros. Picture?

Her story is based on the DC Comics comics. They feature the real Wonder Woman. Or rather, Princess Diana. She is leader of the Amazon, creator of the Justice League and ambassador for peace in the UN (United Nations). Sent to the world of men to bring peace, this character has the same strength as Superman, can resist fire, is very fast and still flies. These qualities alone are enough to make her a superhero.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman movie banner.

Gal Gadot starred in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter was the first to represent Wonder Woman, in a 1975 series.

The uniform

Although there is no single reason why Diana wears a uniform that makes reference to the United States, one story states that the princess’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, was part of the Justice Society and chose a similar costume to show North Americans. Americans that she was an ally. However, what is stated behind the scenes of the productions is that Wonder Woman only appeared around the Second World War, and because they feel patriotic, their creators chose the colors blue and red for their fantasy.


In both Lynda Carter’s fantasy and Gal Gadot’s fantasy, it is possible to notice a Eagle in the bustier. This bird represents, for example, the Sun and fatherhood. But, other symbologies also show the eagle as being a symbol of “the initiator”. It also has a religious symbolism, as it makes reference to the Gospel of John.


Wonder Woman series and comic books have already appeared dressed in skirts, shorts, panties and even pants. But the main element in these pieces has always remained: the stars. They mean enlightenment, spirit and are linked to femininity. But it is also important to note that they are also present on the flag of the United States.


Diana is a princess and of course she couldn’t miss one tiara in your Wonder Woman costume. Always in golden color, it can be completed by a star in its center.

Wonder Woman Costume Pictures and Ideas

Now that you know a little about the history of this iconic character and her costume, it’s time to check out different Wonder Woman fantasy models. To start, we’ll show you some kid options. Of course, you can find this costume at costume rental stores, but if you prefer, you can also use your creativity and make one at home. Just combine one red blouse with one blue tulle skirt and a large part of the children’s look will be ready. In addition to these basic pieces, the Wonder Woman costume can also contain a tiara, bow (which resembles a rope), cape, bracelets and belt. As for shoes, your daughter can even wear a boot, but remember that comfort should come first. So it is a good idea to bet on sneakers, low sandals and even all star.

Montage with three different Wonder Woman fantasy models.
Two girls of different ages dressed as a wonder woman.Children's Wonder Woman costume.Children's wonder woman costume, with blue cover.Montage with three images of children in Wonder Woman costume.Child dressed as a wonder woman.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume Pictures and Ideas

An adult Wonder Woman costume is very similar to children’s costumes. However, in this case, you can bet on a sexier look, using shorts or bodysuits, for example. But, of course, if you prefer, you can also wear skirts or pants. It is enough that these pieces have the color blue and are decorated with white stars. On the feet, you can wear boots, sandals, sneakers, sneakers and espadrilles.

When choosing the costume, make sure that it really refers to Wonder Woman. SuperGirl’s outfit, for example, has the same colors. The difference is that the blouse is blue and the skirt is red.

Woman at Comic Con dressed as Wonder Woman.Fantasy Wonder Woman with blue skirt.Costume similar to the outfit worn by Wonder Woman in the 2017 movie.Plus size woman dressed in wonder woman, with cape.Woman in Wonder Woman costume, with blue skirt, red stockings and black blouse.

A good idea for this type of fantasy is to find T-shirts that make reference to Wonder Woman. With the success of superhero films, it is increasingly easy to find pieces of these characters in big stores. Like Renner, Riachuelo and C&A t-shirts.

Fantasy Wonder Woman combined with red sneakers.Sexy fantasy Wonder Woman.Two women, one dressed as Wonder Woman and the other as an imp.Montage with three different Wonder Woman fantasy models.Woman with black Wonder Woman t-shirt and blue skirt.Plus size woman wearing Wonder Woman costume.Simple Wonder Woman costume.Fantasy Wonder Woman with pants.Montage with three photos of Wonder Woman Fantasy.


For being such an iconic figure, it is clear that several celebrities have also bet on a Wonder Woman costume.

Kim Kardashian with Wonder Woman costume.

Kim Kardashian is one of the famous internationals who already wore this costume.

Carolina Dieckmann from Wonder Woman.

Actress Carolina Dieckmann has also dressed up as Wonder Woman to celebrate Carnival.

Thaila Ayala from Wonder Woman.

Thaila Ayala bet on a body of the character.

Fernanda Lima with Wonder Woman costume.

Presenter and model Fernanda Lima has also paid tribute to the heroine.

Anitta with Wonder Woman costume.

Singer Anitta is one of the celebrities on this list.

Paula Fernandes with Wonder Woman costume.

Paula Fernandes has also bet on a model with a cover.

Gisele Bündchen dressed as Wonder Woman.

Top model Gisele Bündchen has even worn a wig to look like the character.

Juliana Alves dressed as Wonder Woman.

The actress Juliana Alves was also Wonder Woman for a day.


Finally, we decided to include some references of couples dressed as superheroes. Of course, women are paying tribute to Wonder Woman. But men, in this case, can appear in various costumes, such as: Superman, Batman, Flash, Captain America, among others.

Couple dressed as Wonder Woman and Superman.Couple dressed as Wonder Woman and Superman.Couple dressed as Captain America and Wonder Woman.Family dressed as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Captain America and Superman.

How about dressing the whole family of superheroes? Mommy can be the Wonder Womanfather Supermanthe son captain America and the daughter, the SuperGirl.

With so many cool references, we hope you’ve already decided what your Wonder Woman costume will be like. If you are really a fan of the character, be sure to check out this text on party decoration with this theme. But, if you are still in doubt about the heroine you will honor, how about taking a look at our posts about costumes from Batgirl, Ariel, Catwoman and Pocahontas. Did you like the ideas, have any questions or suggestions? Do not forget to leave your comment!

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