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Patati Souvenirs Patatá decorated milk carton

40 Fantastic Patati Patatá Souvenirs & How to Make it at Home!

Year in and year out, children are still in love with Patati Patatá clowns. No wonder, they are fun, cheerful and have several contagious songs that the little ones love to dance to. For children under the age of seven, this theme is considered one of the most popular for children’s parties, conquering both boys and girls. You chose this theme for the party, but you still don’t know what to do with souvenir? In this post you will see 40 amazing ideas for Patati Patatá souvenirs and you will learn how to make them at home, spending little and participating in every detail to celebrate this special date.

Patati Souvenirs Patatá decorated milk cartonSouvenirs Patati Patatá Pointer

Photos and Templates of Patati Patati Patatá Souvenirs

There are many options for party favors, one more beautiful than the other. It’s even difficult to choose! We made a list with party favors in felt, EVA, biscuit, MDF and we have some molds to print so you can make it at home. See some photos to get inspired:

Souvenirs Patati Patatá lunch box with tieSouvenirs Patati Patatá acrylic box for treatsSouvenirs Patati Patatáporta blue and green portrait


The simplest Patati Patatá souvenirs are the paper ones, they are beautiful and inexpensive. The most common is to assemble the personalized paper box in a milk carton style and place sweets inside. It works as a souvenir and a surprise bag at the same time, it’s a way to save money and also pleases children and adults.

Patati Souvenirs Patatá paper candy boxPatati Souvenirs Patatá personalized lunch boxPatati Souvenirs Patatá Paper Box

The lunchboxes with the personalized lid are also excellent options. The sweets are usually brigadeiros and kisses, but they can also contain a piece of cake. It’s from Mom’s creativity.

Souvenirs Patati Patatá lunch box candy


Many party moms like to deliver differentiated Patati Patatá souvenirs, with the objective of being creative, exclusive and surprising the guests. This MDF box with clown and spring inside is something that really surprises and looks beautiful. You can stick a little card on the lid of the box thanking the presence or even in the clown’s hands as shown in the images below. In these photos they are common clowns, but you can have them done with the head of Patati or Patatá, it serves as inspiration.

Souvenirs Patati Patatá Clown with MDF box springPatati Patatá Souvenirs MDF Adhesive

Souvenirs Patati Patatá MDF decoupage

The painted MDF boxes are beautiful and can be made at home

Patati Patatá MDF Souvenirs with Molinha

The MDF boxes are beautiful and tend to be more affectionate with guest care

The clown mask is an option for creative Patati Patatá souvenirs and the little ones love it, after all, they look like idols. It is possible to make with cardboard or using paper, but EVA is a more resistant material and does not spoil if it gets wet. It’s the kind of gift that kids will keep for a long time and will be used for a lot of fun! To do it, it is important to pierce the sides to pass the elastic and leave space for the eyes.

Souvenirs Patati Patatá EVA maskSouvenirs Patati Patatá mask

in EVA

There are many ways to make Patati Patatá party favors using EVA. This material is so versatile that you can also make the centerpiece and put candies inside, these centerpieces decorate the guests’ tables and also count as party favors that after the party are transformed into trinkets and are very useful for the guests.

Patati Patatá Souvenirs from EVA tableware holderPatati Patatá Souvenirs from EVA candy holder table centerSouvenirs Patati Patatá top hatSouvenirs Patati Patatá EVA table center with flower

Another idea is the candy holders with the clown’s faces. They also serve as decoration for guests’ tables. It is also possible to make photo frames, masks and a multitude of other options. Check out some ideas.

Patati Patatá Souvenirs EVA Candy HolderSouvenirs Patati Patatá candy holderSouvenirs Patati Patatá blue picture framePatati Patatá Souvenirs EVA Picture Frame

The picture frame can be used both as a souvenir and as a centerpiece

Clown top hats are another alternative that can be made using EVA. They can be made either to put on the table with sweets or for children to use on their heads. They are cute.

Souvenirs Patati Patatá top hat EVA

For those who are prey for the fun of the guests, EVA top hats are a great option to keep children beautiful and excited

Souvenirs Patati Patatá EVA table center

The advantage of making the custom EVA centerpiece is that in addition to being part of the decoration, it can be given as a souvenir, so one thing has two uses at the party

in felt

Patati Patatá souvenirs in felt are very cute and delicate. Felt is one of the most valued types of crafts in Brazil, because it really takes a lot of work to do, you need to know how to sew well and the end result is amazing! With felt it is possible to make personalized surprise bags, key chains, pencil tips and many other options. See some photos:

Patati Souvenirs Patatá felt pencil tip

The pencil tip, in addition to being easy to make, is something that little ones tend to use every day.

Souvenirs Patati Patatá ring key chainPatati Patatá Souvenirs Felt Keyring

Felt keyrings are a simple, beautiful and inexpensive option to give as a souvenir

Patati Souvenirs Patatá felt sachet surprise

The felt bags are beautiful and very easy to make.

Patati Souvenirs Patatá Felt Candy BagPatati Souvenirs Patatá felted surprise bag

Felt bags can be used by guests in different ways so that they will always remember the party

In Biscuit

Patati Patatá souvenirs are a luxury and also highly valued, after all, it takes a lot of talent to model piece by piece. The baby food jars and the acrylic boxes with the clown on top are beautiful and that’s why the most popular ones, you can put jujube or confectionery inside. Tubes are also on the rise when it comes to Patati Patatá souvenirs. There are many options:

Souvenirs Patati Patatá acrylic box with biscuit

The acrylic boxes, in addition to holding candy, can also be used to decorate the guests’ table

Souvenirs Patati Patatá Pot of baby food biscuit headSouvenirs Patati Patatá pot of paina biscuit characters

The baby food jar with biscuit decoration is a great souvenir option due to the myriad of uses it can have for the guest after the party

Souvenirs Patati Patatá tubete apply biscuit

In addition to being cute, the custom tubes with biscuit make the guest want to keep it to decorate the room or play

Souvenirs Patati Patatá tubete biscuit

The tubes, in addition to carrying the candy, give a special touch to the candy table decoration

In acrylic

Acrylic briefcases are a trend for Patatí Patatá souvenirs. There are two options: with sweets inside or with school supplies for painting. Both ways kids love it and it’s something they’ll use a lot even after the party.

Patati Souvenirs Patatá Candy Briefcase

The little suitcases full of sweets is a souvenir that pleases every child, after all, everything that has to do with sweets is good for everyone

Souvenirs Patati Patatá blue acrylic briefcase

The acrylic briefcases, besides being very cute, are a very economical kind of souvenir

Patati Souvenirs Patatá Acrylic Briefcase

The acrylic briefcases with school supplies are not only beautiful but also something that guests will use in their daily lives.

Another cool model is to put a face painting kit inside the suitcase so that the child can paint himself as a clown. It ends up being fun for adults and children alike. Isn’t that a cool idea?

How to Make Souvenir Patati Patatá: Step by Step

Making Patati Patatá souvenirs at home is a way to save money, so it’s worth bringing the whole family together and sharing the work! Party favors are as important as cake.

Soap bubble

This is a simple and easy party to make at home. You will need:

Souvenirs Patati Patatá tubet bubbles

Learn step by step

  • Tube with inner accessory for making soap bubbles. These tubes cost less than R$1 at party supply stores.
  • Water.
  • Soap
  • Label with the birthday boy’s name printed on adhesive photographic paper.

To make it super fast, put four drops of detergent in the tube and top up with water. Close tightly and label. To enhance this souvenir you can put an EVA appliqué of Patati Patatá. This is a specific gift for children.

TIP: In some stores you can find the soap bubble ready-made and with the theme of Patati Patatá, buying in quantity can be cheaper than making at home, in addition, it is much more practical. They are usually sold in boxes of 20 units.

in EVA

In the video below, you will learn how to make party favors using EVA, they also serve as a centerpiece and are beautiful! In the description of the video you will find the templates to print and the complete step-by-step instructions for making perfect party favors.

What did you think of our Patati Patatá souvenir suggestions? Got any questions? Leave your comment.

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