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Spider-Man Invitations Red and Black Card

40 Awesome Spider-Man Invitations to Print & Easy How-To!

The Spider-Man character is one of the most beloved heroes by children. As a classic character for years, this has been one of the most popular themes for children’s parties for decoration. As it is a theme rich in details, when planning the details, it is very important to pay attention to every detail, from the decoration of the entrance door, invitations, party favors and everything that makes up a party. If you are preparing for your child’s Spider-Man party and still don’t know which of the Spider-Man invitations to choose to invite friends and family, below we’ve separated 45 beautiful models to inspire you.

Spider-Man Invitation Photos to Get Inspired

One of the main concerns regarding the party besides the Spider-Man cake is the invitation, as it is through it that the guest will have the first impression of how the party will be. When the choice of which Spider-Man invitations will be used will be made, it is very important to pay attention to the decoration of the party. It is important that the invitation is in harmony with the decoration, using the main colors of the decoration is essential for everything to be in perfect harmony. We have separated below beautiful models of Spider-Man invitations to be mirrored when choosing.

Spider-Man Invitations Red and Black CardSpider-Man Invitations Black and Red Ticket


The Spider-Man invitations from the newspaper model are beautiful and very creative. In this model, the invitation is in the form of a white newspaper with black and red letters and a highlighted image of the character. This type of invitation can be printed or digital. This is a very dear model for owl moms, as it is possible to put a lot of cool information on it to honor the child.

Spider-Man invitations digital template

The digital invitation is a great way to save time and money when making the invitation.

Spider-Man Birthday Party InvitationsSpider-Man invitations from the newspaper


One of the most beautiful models of Spider-Man invitations is the comic book, also called comic books. In this model of invitation, the invitation to the party is made through a comic book told by the character. Some moms also like to take advantage of the invitation template to tell funny things their child has already done or even tell the story of the day the child was born. In this model, it is important to be careful with colors. See below some beautiful models in this category.

Spider-Man comic book template invitations

For moms who want to share a cute story about their child with their guests, the comics is an excellent place

Spider-Man Comic Book Template InvitationsSpider-Man Comic Invitations


The box invitation is one of the most beautiful and crafted invitations. This invitation is made a super beautiful work with folds so that the paper invitation turns into a beautiful box. Usually in this invitation model the colors red and blue stand out. There are several options for this invitation template to choose from, below we’ve separated beautiful templates.

Spider-Man Invitations Printed BoxSpider-Man Invitations box


The card invitation is one of the most popular Spider-Man party invitations. The invitation card is printed and personalized with important birthday and party information. One of the advantages of this model is that in addition to being able to be made through a printer, it is also possible to do it at home with it, making excellent savings on the expenses of the party. Here are some wonderful card invitation templates.

Spiderman Card InvitationsSpider-Man Personalized Card InvitationsSpider-Man invitations card with envelope


The Spider-Man scrapbook invitations are beautiful and very well made. This is one of the most beautiful designs for Spider-Man invitations because of its richly detailed look. The scrapbook template is a closed invitation template in which the guest is surprised by the decoration both outside and inside. Below are some scrapbook ideas to get inspired.

Red and Black Scrapbook Spider-Man InvitationsRed and Blue Scrapbook Spider-Man InvitationsSpider-Man invitations arapbook with red bow


Spider-Man EVA invitations are not only beautiful but also one of the most economical options for invitations. As it is a handmade invitation, it is possible to let your imagination flow when creating the model. Due to the ease of being modeled that EVA has, it is possible to make beautiful models of invitations at home.

Homemade Spider-Man InvitationsEVA Spiderman InvitationsSpider-Man Invitations made with EVA


The mask invitation is the darling of children, because when they receive it, in addition to knowing that they are going to a party, they also get a toy to have fun at home. The Spider-Man mask invitation templates are nothing more than a mask in the shape of the spider man’s face with information about the party. See some model options below.

Spider-Man Invitations Mask Printed

Mask invitations can be made at home by printing or with EVA and can also be purchased at party supply stores.

Spider-Man Invitations EVA mask


There are a multitude of custom Spider-Man invitation templates to choose from. Among the most beautiful models of this type of invitation to nominate we separate two. The first one we chose to indicate is the invitation in the shape of a spider man bust, which, in addition to being beautiful, can be used by guests as a decorative ornament for the bedroom wall.

Spiderman Bust Invitations

Another beautiful custom invitation template that we will mention is the felt invitation, which is beautiful and can also be made at home. This model can be made in the shape of a spider’s web or even a miniature of the character that can also be used as a souvenir of the party. See below some models of the two invitations.

Felt Spider-Man Invitations

3D Invitation

The 3D invitations are one of the newest among the most successful invitation models. This invitation template consists of a card with a 3D character appliqué. because of the look of the invitation, which is very beautiful, the guests usually keep it as a souvenir of the party.

3D Spiderman Invitations3D Printed Spider-Man InvitationsSpider-Man Invitations 3D Applique


One of the funniest Spider-Man invitation templates is the ticket-shaped template. This is one of the models that delights children the most, because the format of the invitation makes guests feel anxious to participate in a great adventure. The look of this invitation is so realistic that in some models there is even a barcode and QR-Code. Below we put some beautiful and cute models of this type of invitation.

Spider-Man Ticket Invitations with QR-CodeSpider-Man Printed Ticket InvitationsSpider-Man Ticket Invitations


The tube, in addition to being used as a souvenir for a children’s party, has also been widely used in invitations. Tube invitations are custom acrylic tubes with the invitation card wrapped inside. This is one of the Spider-Man invitations that can be made at home. In the step-by-step we teach you how to make a beautiful tubet invitation template at home without spending too much.

Spider-Man Invitations in Personalized CartridgeSpider-Man invitations in tube

How to Make Spider-Man Invitations: Easy Step by Step

For moms who want to make a beautiful Spider-Man invitation template at home, we teach step by step how to make a cute and fluffy tubet invitation template at home.

Spider-Man invitations in tubeInvitations Spider-Man applique for tube

apply to print

You will need:

  • Tubete
  • Invitation printed on photo paper
  • Spiderman print appliqué
  • hot glue
  • Satin ribbon

How to do it: step by step:

  1. Print one of the invitation templates provided below with the party information on photo paper.
  2. Print the spider man applique template on photo paper.
  3. Roll up the invitation.
  4. Tie a satin ribbon bow so the invitation is curled.
  5. Cut out the Spider-Man appliqué and glue it with hot glue.
  6. Place the invitation into the tube and close.

Lollipop Invitation Handmade Template

A beautiful and very creative handmade Spider-Man invitation template is the lollipop invitation. The lollipop invitation is a beautiful and simple homemade template to make. In this model, the personalized invitation is printed in the packaging format, the lollipop is placed inside and the invitation is closed with a ribbon bow. The main advantages of making this invitation template is that in addition to being used as an invitation, it can also be used as a party favor.

Spider-Man Invitations in LollipopRed Lollipop Spider-Man InvitationsSpider-Man Lollipop Invitations on a stick

Free Edit and Print Templates

For those who chose to make the invitation at home, below we provide beautiful models of Spider-Man invitations to print at home easily and quickly, thus saving money and having the opportunity to make a beautiful invitation model full of affection with your own hands.

Spider-Man Lollipop Invitations to Print at HomeSpider-Man Lollipop Invitations to PrintSpider-Man Invitations Card to PrintSpiderman card invitations to edit

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