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Spider-Man Party Favors EVA models

35 Perfect Spider-Man Favors + Easy Footsteps!

The Spiderman theme is one of the most requested by boys, as he is a very influential character who shows intelligence and a sense of justice, in addition to awakening the boys to the possibility of becoming a superhero after a common event, such as a sting. With so many adventures, Spider-Man Souvenirs are also fun.

Chose this theme for the party, but have no idea which Spider-Man Party Favor designs to choose? In this post you will see 35 wonderful options and you will also learn how to make a piece of biscuit with complete step by step.

Spider-Man Photos and Gift Ideas

Spider-Man party favors can be made of different materials: EVA, felt, biscuit, MDF and even paper.

The most used colors are blue and red, the end result is amazing! The good news is that you can make these arts at home and you don’t even need to know much about crafts. See some lovely options:


EVA is great for making both Spider-Man party favors and Spider-Man invitations: it’s cheap, sold at all stationery stores, and easy to work with. As the parts are made from molds, it is difficult to miss the hand. Besides, it is possible to make different types of souvenirs such as photo frames, masks, centerpieces, among others.

Spider-Man Party Favors EVA modelsSpider-Man Party Favors EVA Tip

The EVA pencil tip is easy to make and little ones love it. By delivering these Spider-Man Favors, you are sure that on Monday the birthday boy’s friends will be wearing them at school.

Spider-Man Party Favors EVA Surprise Bag

These Spider-Man souvenirs also work as a surprise bag, so it is an option for those who want to save money and have a single expense.

Spider-Man Party Favors EVA Candy HolderSpider-Man Party Favors from EVASpider-Man Party Favors EVA Candy Bag

Who says Spider-Man party favors are just for boys? The pink backpack is a good alternative for those who want a special souvenir for girls, so you can do it in both versions.


With biscuit it is possible to decorate pots, make key chains, pencil tips, among many other Spider-Man Souvenirs, in addition to being a widely used material in the decoration of Spider-Man cake. It is a low-cost material that is not so easy to make, but with the right tips it is possible to produce beautiful pieces, even if you don’t have experience.

Spider-Man Party Favors Biscuit ModelsSouvenirs Spider-Man biscuit pencil tipSpiderman Souvenir Biscuit KeychainSpider-Man Favors Biscuit Ticket HolderSpider-Man Party Favors Personalized Baby Food Jar with Biscuit

The baby food jars filled with sweets are the head of adults and children. These Spider-Man party favors are cute and easy, so we’ll show you how at the end of this post. You don’t need to get tangled up, it’s much simpler than you think!

Spider-Man Miniature Biscuit Spider-Man Party Favors


MDF can be combined with other materials such as paper, EVA, biscuit and felt. It’s a longer lasting souvenir that will be used after the party as a picture frame or tongs. Check out some cute options to get inspired and surprise guests:

Spider-Man Souvenirs MDF TemplatesSpider-Man Party Favors Red MDF box with appliquรฉ on the lid

A nice idea is to stick a message of thanks for your presence at the party on the inside of the lids. It is a way to make the guest remember this very special moment each time they open the box.

Spider-Man Favors MDF picture frame

Some moms prefer to hand over a picture frame with the birthday boy’s photo, while others find it unfashionable. To find a happy medium, our tip is to make a thank you card to put in the frame.

Spider-Man Souvenirs MDF Safe

Spider-Man party favors in the shape of a piggy bank are a good alternative to inspire the little ones about the importance of saving. Also, it’s a super useful souvenir.

Spider-Man Party Favors Red and Blue MDF BoxSpiderman Party Favors Blue and red MDF box with decoupage

The MDF boxes are also used as packaging for other Spider-Man souvenirs such as truffles, chocolates, honey bread and other sweets.


Of all the options, personalized Spider-Man party favors are the cheapest and simplest to make at home, after all, in most cases, just print the label on photographic paper and paste it.

Spider-Man Party Favors Custom TemplatesSpider-Man Souvenirs Acrylic Briefcase

The small suitcases can be filled with sweets or with material to paint and draw, such as a book of Spider-Man drawings, pencils and crayons. There are different sizes to choose from, the big one for things to paint and the smallest one for candy.

Spider-Man Party Favors Personalized Piggy BankSpider-Man Party Favors Personalized Tube

Personalized Spider-Man party favors like the tube in the photo have another function besides being a souvenir: they are also used to decorate the cake table, especially in simpler decorations with few elements.

Spider-Man Party Favors Personalized Plastic TinSpider-Man Souvenirs Personalized Acrylic Bottle


Felt Spider-Man party favors are more elaborate and complicated, as it is necessary to understand a little about sewing to make beautiful pieces. Felt allows you to create key chains, pillows, pencil tips and even the Spider-Man doll itself.

Spider-Man Favors Felt Models

Felt can also be used to make surprise bags with the character’s mask. After the party, the bag can be used as a backpack by the guests. Great idea, isn’t it?

Spider-Man Favors Felt PadsSpider-Man Favors Felt Pencil TipFelt Miniature Spider-Man Party FavorsSouvenirs Spider-Man Felt KeychainSpider-Man Favors Mascara and Felt Bracelet

How to Make Spider-Man Favor: Step by Step

We chose the little pot with the lid coated with biscuit to teach the Spider-Man Party Favors step-by-step because it is easy to make and is the basis for party favors of any theme, who knows, you might fall in love with the biscuit and start making it all the time, right ? This amount of mass that we are going to indicate yields about 30 Spider-Man souvenirs. You will need:

  • 1kg of red biscuit dough
  • 500g of white biscuit dough
  • Cap of the glass you want to decorate
  • black permanent pen
  • blunt scissors
  • Non-stick plate or marble stone to open the dough
  • Glass roll (can be an unlabeled wine bottle)
  • White glue
  • Round cutter slightly larger than the circumference of the lid, for being a biscuit cutter or even the lid of another pot.

Special Tips: You can buy it natural and dye it later, but buying it dyed is less work and the price is about the same. If you still prefer to buy natural, do the pigmentation with Chess tube, the color is more vivid and uses less ink in the dyeing.

Another important tip is regarding the white mass, it needs to be white. While the dough is wet there is no visual difference between white and natural, but in the drying process the natural dough becomes transparent and can spoil the beauty of your Spider-Man souvenirs.

How to make:

  1. Each and every piece of biscuit starts with a small ball. Knead the dough and make the ball so that no cracks appear, it needs to be very smooth so the dough doesn’t sag after the Spider-Man souvenirs dry.
  2. Roll out the dough on the non-stick base using the roller.
  3. Take care that everything is the same thickness. The ideal is approximately 2 millimeters.
  4. Cut using the cutter.
  5. Apply glue to the entire surface of the lid.
  6. Cover with the dough being careful not to leave a mark.
  7. Squeeze gently to remove air bubbles and glue the sides.
  8. Remove excess dough using scissors.
  9. Make two small balls of white dough to shape your eyes.
  10. Shape a small triangle and flatten.
  11. Glue in place of eyes.
  12. Allow to dry for at least 72 hours.
  13. Scratch the Spider-Man mask using the permanent pen.
  14. Very simple, right? Your Spider-Man souvenirs are almost ready, just fill the glass with the sweets!

Free Printable Templates

The free printable templates are great for anyone wanting to make Spider-Man Party Favors out of EVA or felt. It’s a complicated model because of the scratches, but our tip is to print 2 molds to cut the internet piece, the details of the eyes and the fantasy.

EVA souvenir mold to printEVA souvenir mold to printEVA souvenir mold to printEVA souvenir mold to printEVA souvenir mold to print

Which Spiderman party favors did you find most interesting? Leave your comment.

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