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30 ideas for training gifts for all bags

Formatting gift cards - 30 ideas for all bags

A clock, a hangover kit, jewels and even a trip to the beauty salon! The course is a very special moment in the life of a student, the result of his effort and dedication over many years. For this reason, it is natural that you would like to celebrate this moment with a celebration of the course and that the people close to the student would like to congratulate him and show their admiration by offering him gifts. If you are without ideas of The present tense of form to offer this proud student, in this article of umCOMO we show or what to give as a formal gift with 30 ideas for all the bags, from the traditional ones to the breeding ones!

Present of classical formation

According to tradition, some formal presents are already considered traditional and often end up being passed down from generation to generation. They can be for trainee present men and women:

1. Formatting ring

If you are formed for a garota or a garoto that appreciates jewels, you can offer it a training year. If you go to a joalharia or ourivesaria you will certainly find beautiful suggestions according to the theme. If you have a training year, you can consider the idea of reviewing it for the next generation as formwork present for filhafor example. In this case, it is necessary to discover the size of the year and, optionally, send it for a restoration that returns the shine or even alters some details to give a repagination in the jewel.

2. Joias

The jewels as a formal present can have a meaning as intense as that of the year, they are new or revised. In the absence of ideas, there are pingers that represent the professions and are always a salvation as a formal present.

3. Relógio

Pulse relays are an elegant alternative to jewellery and are often used as training gift for homemJá que nem todos usam joias. But it is clear that they are also a good option for women. The important thing is to know how to choose a piece that is in accordance with the costs of the formation. When choosing, always ask about the machinery, manufacturing materials and warranty.

4. Formatting canister

So valuable and symbolic as the jewels can be, are the canetas, which mean giving someone a new history to create. For the choice of this present to formYou can choose from branded baskets or have the basket personalized with the name of the form or the name of the profession.

5. Pasta or suitcase de couro

Some professions require pastas and suitcases. The colored versions are classic, resistant, sophisticated and optimal as a training present for men and women.

6. Carteira

Starting a new cycle with a new letter can have an ultimate meaning. Acquiring a letter in a way that is not always cheap, which makes it an excellent option for training.

Formatting tips - 30 ideas for all bags - Classic formatting tips

Ideas for economic training presents

If you don’t know this well enough to know that student in his or her own way, play it safe and offer Typical formal presents that you will easily find in the leaves of presents. Examples are profession books, books from the study area of the student, picture frames, a branded basket, etc.

It is not necessary to include money in these gifts. A little creativity and good taste are enough to surprise and please:

7. Agenda

Another interesting idea is to offer a agenda for the trainer, in which he will be able to write down all his objectives and commitments now that he is launching himself into the world of work! Look for a different one from all the others, with a durable and timeless look (which does not refer to the year), the ones with a choir coat or griffins (Moleskine style) are usually successful.

8. Formatting caneca

Many people are inserted in the labour market and end up inserting themselves next to the coffee in this new rotary. That is why the cans are both successful and present in form. It is not difficult to find professions’ baskets in the gift shop, but you can also order a personalized basket with the name of the trainer. In the absence of time, a beautiful basket is always more than good, it is not the same?

9. Bonequinhos da profissão

As well as the dogs, the professional bonequinhos are also a common option in the gift shop. There are options in different materials of super flabby bones that symbolize each race. You can find bonequinhos as a present for a trained lawyer, present for training in law and all the professions you can imagine.

10. Decorative objects related to the carrière

In addition to the bonequinhos, there are other symbolic decorative objects that can be used to decorate the new work environment of the form, or simply to leave as a reminder of the form. To help you in your choice, fish for symbols of each professionSo you can escape from the obvious but still have a meaning.

11. Book

Books can be just as important as a joia. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, find out about the main authors in that area or about important works on the corporate world, cycles and related subjects. If you are sure that people will not change their present, please read the dedication.

12. Thermal Flake

As well as the dog, the thermal flakes are an extremely useful idea of the present. Some companies demand that the employees use dated containers for the drinks and not always this type of flake is easily found in legal versions. You can be sure that your gift will thank you for a thermal cup that can also be a custom-made gift.

Training gift ideas - 30 ideas for all bags - Ideas for economical training gifts

Formatting present for namorating (a)

In spite of the classic and economic jewels and suggestions, the ones we love have an extra intimacy that allows us to leave even more personalized and meaningful presents. Be inspired by some of these ideas of or to give a formal gift for naming:

13. Picture frame

In fact, the picture frames are an option of the present corinthian that has never been missed. In the case of the form, it is worth thinking of a photo of an important moment to remember this phase. Then, give the portrait holder and leave it ‘reserved’ for the photo you will take together at the graduation. You can also consider a digital photo frame.

14. Scrapbook

Who does not lose the chance to customize a present, can always bet on a scrapbook. In the case of the course, it is worth focusing on the student’s career during this phase, with the planting of important dates and events. See more in: How to make a simple scrapbook

15. Formatting basket

If this student is a food and beverage student, he or she will be offered training basket recheated from gossamer shirts that I’ve been agrademing. You can include, for example, photographs of the form, a wine carafe, chocolates, a card of congratulations, homemade geleia, biscuits, etc.

16. Sparkling wine and personalized table

At the training party you will certainly have to offer, so why not Customized champagne glasses with the name of the form and a message of congratulations? This will certainly give you even more toast!

17. Café da manhã, almoço ou jantar

An experience can be as valuable as a good material. If the moment is for a celebration, you can reserve that legal restaurant so that you can celebrate the two, since celebrating is never too much.

18. Travel or hotel stay

For a prolonged celebration, you can use the pretext that the person who has been hard and now deserves a rest of laughs. Why not do this in a hotel or a trip to two?

19. Bichinho de pelúcia

Those who consider them clichés, but the truth is that the hair bugs when presented always have meaning and represent love. For training situations, one idea is to give hair bugs dressed in the clothes of the profession.

20. Flowers for training

It’s hard to meet someone who doesn’t like to be surprised by a flowery ship. If you plan to do this, bet on the delivery of the form on the day of the course, in the morning so that the person already begins the happy day or the moment of graduation, as a way of congratulating. The poverty of the orchids, the prosperity of the lilies, the joy of the yellow roses or the peace of the daughters are only some of the options of flowers that can be in a pledge for formation.

Formatting gift cards - 30 ideas for all bags - Formatting gift for name

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Friend training present (or)

It is clear that all the present ones already mentioned in this list can be excellent options for your friend, but certain things acquire a personal value when they see a dear friend. Some inspirations that used to be good ideas of training gift for a friend são:

21. Salão de Beleza Day

If the person is going to celebrate the formation with a party, it could be a great idea to offer a day of beauty in a legal salon that is full of pampering. Even more legal if you can accompany your friend. In the case of men, there is the possibility of reserving a fashion barbershop, which is full of royalties.

22. Hangover kit

Happiness is so much in the day of formation that many people end up extrapolating into the drink and have a difficult day after the party. If you know your friend well and what can happen to him/her, prepare a rescue kit with everything that can help him/her live the next day in the easiest way possible. It’s worth including in the kit a voucher for a ‘hangover’ meal such as a hamburger or pizza, for example.

23. Guloseima and ‘laricas

You, more than anyone else, should know what your friend is like. Prepare a kit for her and the chances of people not liking the present are almost nil.

Training gift cards - 30 ideas for all bags - Training gift cards for friends

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Present of creative and useful formation

Whether it is for a present of formation for men or women, these ideas are always useful:

24. Flash drive

By opting for useful presents, you can offer a external hard disk or original pendriveThere are currently several fun formats inspired by food, objects, animals and others. These technological accessories will allow students to easily transport their files, and that is why they choose those with a space of more than 16GB for their thoughts.

25. Alarm clock or electronic devices

You are concerned with punctuality and you realize how important it is to arrive on time for the first job interview and on the remaining days of the job, because you do not offer a alarm clock ao forming? To make sure that you are not disappointed, we offer a digital, with radio, wake-up tunes and light included.

26. Present Value

In order that he does not lack anything and has the freedom to choose for himself the present that he lacks the most, he offers a voucher or check present of a technology store, stationery store or bookstore. So you will certainly not go wrong!

27. A relaxing experience

After all these years of study, a good idea for the trainer is an experience in which he can relax as, for example, a day at the spa, a massage session or what you think he might like.

28. One course

A formatura fecha o ciclo e marca o f um período de muito estudo em que nem sempre as pessoas tinham tempo para estudiar tudo o que gostariam. Therefore, if you are intimidated by this formation and you know something that you would really like to win, consider breeding present the registration of a legal course that you knew that person was already willing to do.

29. Coffee making accessories

The beginning of professional life can mark, for many people, the beginning of a journey into the ‘world of coffee’. If you know that you are already enjoying coffee, consider a legal coffee maker, a home coffee maker or some accessory related to the subject. There is no lack of super stylish options.

30. Plants

The difference between giving a bouquet of flowers and a plant is that in the second option it does not die. Presenting someone with a plant can have a meaning of responsibility and commitment, but also of keeping planted that which you cultivated together.

Suggestion: What are the best plants to give as a present

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  • If you are in doubt as to the tastes of the country or friends of the country.
  • If you want to offer more for yourself, propose a group gift.

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