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Leather Bunny Costume

30 Beautiful Ideas To Rock & Make It At Home!

The Bunny Costume can be used in different situations, such as costume parties and even Easter. It is a very beautiful costume and depending on the style it is also very sensual. Also, it never goes out of style!

Have a party to go and still don’t know how to put together your bunny costume? In this post we have prepared 30 beautiful ideas for you to be inspired and a complete step by step for you to create your fantasy with what you already have at home, without having to spend a lot.

Rabbit Fantasy Photos and Ideas

In stores you can find rabbit costumes in different styles, from the simplest to the most luxurious. To have a beautiful costume it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, so much so that it is possible to improvise with what you have at home. See some inspirations:

Leather Bunny Costume

The leather costume is beautiful but the tip is to use it at night parties

Rabbit costume for party

The combination of black and white makes the costume much more beautiful and charming


The simple rabbit costume is traditionally white with a tulle skirt and a tiara with little ears on her head. It is a good option for those who go to the Carnival matinees or costume parties that take place during the day.

white rabbit costume

The tulle skirt is a beautiful and practical option for the bunny costume, with this fabric the costume is very delicate

Simple white rabbit costume

Not all women use it, but a beautiful option to make the costume cute is to spice it up with the bunny’s tail

White rabbit costume with black tie

The bow tie adds a charming touch to the white costume composition

It also goes very well as a family costume, imagine everyone dressed as a bunny? A grace, right? Here are some ideas:

Playboy Bunny

This is a very traditional costume, at every costume party you can see at least one Play Boy bunny woman. This bunny costume gained popularity because of the magazine and the huge parties that took place in the mansions.

Black and white rabbit costume

For those who like gloves they can also be used as an extra charm in the costume

black rabbit costume

For those who don’t want a single color costume, a beautiful way to give a different touch to the look is to change the color of one of the pieces, in the case of the photo, the little white ears

Bunny costume frilly skirt

It is a very sensual fantasy that values ​​feminine beauty, but at the same time it is not vulgar. It is ideal for parties during the summer and usually features a combination of black, white and red. See some inspirational photos:

Black red and white rabbit costume

The mix of colors in the bunny costume is a great option for those who like more flashy costumes

Black and white rabbit costume with tulle


The little ones look very cute in costumes. Is the rabbit costume used both for parties and for photo shoots? Who doesn’t remember Parmalat’s pets? Nowadays there are many options for beautiful costumes!

Pink and white children's bunny costumeChildren's bunny costume with skirtPlush children's bunny costume

The bunny costume for girls can be plush or plush. It’s worth taking a lot of pictures to make this moment eternal! Check out some amazing fantasy models:

Plush female bunny costumeChildren's female rabbit costume

for Easter

Easter is a very special and playful moment for children: the resurrection of Jesus, the chocolate eggs, the whole family together… That’s why many moms invest in bunny costume to delight children even more.

White and pink Easter bunny costume

The bunny costumes for Easter, in addition to being beautiful, make children have beautiful memories of this very special date.

Pink Easter Bunny costumeBunny costume for easter pink

The costume can be worn by both men and women, kids love it! This type of costume is also widely used in promotional actions at markets and candy stores, distributing candies and chocolates and taking pictures with children.

White easter bunny costume

The white rabbit costume is a great option to wear when hunting for eggs

Pink and gray Easter bunny costume

For Dog/Cat

Not even the animals escape the bunny costume! They don’t seem to like the idea very much, but they look really cute! The objective is to put the costume on for a pet for a short time so as not to bother your cat or your dog.

Pink bunny costume for catBunny costume for catDoggie bunny costume

These costumes are sold in pet stores, especially around Easter. Choose a model that allows your pet to do the usual needs, so it will also have fun with the game.

Pink and white doggie bunny costumePlush doggie bunny costume

How to Make Makeshift Bunny Costume: Step by Step

Want a bunny costume but can’t afford it? It is possible to create a beautiful costume using things you already have in your wardrobe. The most important item is the bory, which can be any color, although black is the most used.

improvised bunny costume

It’s very simple to make a beautiful bunny costume at home, just use your creativity

The bory should be snug at the waist to show off curves. In the buttocks it can be a little looser so that it doesn’t mark and doesn’t get in the way during the party.

With the chosen bory, it’s time to think about the skirt. The skirt can be tulle or voal, the white color goes well with any color that is bory. Tulle is super cheap, if you know how to sew you won’t have any problems! Just go on frowning so he gets armed.

Bunny costume white tulle skirt

If you don’t know how to sew, you can have it done, you’ll hardly spend more than R$50 on a seamstress. Another option is to wear the bory without the skirt, some women think it shows too much, but if it were in a pool it would show the same thing, right? The idea is that you feel comfortable, with or without a skirt.

Black and white makeshift rabbit costume

Regardless of wearing a skirt, the black fishnet stocking matches very well and refers to PlayBoy bunnies. It’s also a matter of taste and feeling good, not every woman likes this type of sock.

plauboy bunny costume

Ears: The ears cannot be missing, they are the main feature of the bunny costume composition. You can buy it ready-made or make it at home. To make it very simple, cut out the ears using cardboard and glue them to an iron tiara with hot glue. Then just glue the fabric on top, also with hot glue.

Felt tiara bunny costume

Another option is to wear the tiara and sew the ears with felt and acrylic blanket filling. The final result is very beautiful, but you need to understand a little sewing. See a video with more details of another model:

The bow tie also refers to PlayBoy bunnies, they are very charming, but their use is also optional.

To finish off the look, invest in high heels and a nice makeup. Makeup can be common or with a painted nose and bunny fur, it’s up to your creativity and imagination!

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