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Black and White invitation templates

25 Awesome Black and White Invitations – Templates for Every Taste!

Looking for ideas for your next birthday party or event invitation? Black and white invitations are the most popular suggestion on the market. They are classic, cover all types of events and attract above all for their simplicity. Check out!

Black and White invitation templates
Black and White Invitation Photos to Get Inspired

There’s nothing more classic for parties than Black and White Invitations. For a while they were out of favor, especially with the fashion of printers and the possibility of using photos to create a personalized invitation. Today they are coming back with everything in the retro and vintage wave of the parties.

What you need to keep in mind when thinking about a black and white invitation template is your type of party. It needs to be classic, as the delivery of the invitation leaves an idea in the guest’s mind what style the event will be. It doesn’t go with a Minnie party, for example, in full color.

Every invitation must have the colors used at the party. If your paper model given to guests is black and white, decoration in the same shades is expected.

Simple Birthday

There’s not much secret in crafting black and white birthday party invitations. Being an adult is even easier. You only need the birthday person’s name, basic data such as location and time, and passwords if necessary for entry. For the rest, just choose a nice letter. The template is both printable and virtual invitation.

black and white invitations with silver

Silver is a great tip to spice up, but it can only be achieved in graphics.

simple black and white birthday invitations
White with black letter or black with white letter? It depends on the desired effect. Remembering that black is the combination of colors and white is the absence of it. There is no ink for black printing. It would be necessary to print the entire invitation in black leaving the blank white on the sheet. black and white male birthday invitations25 year simple black and white invitations

Children’s party

The idea of ​​the dual colors in the children’s party invitation is suitable for both first year and old age. As we always emphasize, it depends a lot on the theme of the party. It can fit in very well at a costume party as long as the decor follows the style.

minnie's black and white invitationsblack and white safari party invitations

The safari theme goes great with these two colors on the invitation!

black and white one-year-old party invitations

luxury wedding

The wedding party itself asks for something special when it gets a date and address. It doesn’t have to be something vintage, but it’s a classic of the classics to use black and white invitations at this type of event and it goes really well!

black and white wedding invitations with passwords

A small tab on the side for entering passwords is a fancy way to submit guest entries. Passwords must have the same lettering and artwork pattern as the invitation.

Some people think of this invitation model as a dual color scheme: black for them, reminding them of the tuxedo, and white for the wedding dress. We already have beautiful possibilities of art in invitations with drawings, the basic data.

black and white cardboard wedding invitationsblack and white invitations with wedding dress designblack and white classic wedding invitations

A widely used wedding invitation template is the open one, without an envelope. In this case, it’s worth incrementing with tape or some other item.

black and white wedding invitations with satin ribbon

Baby tea

Both the baby shower and the baby shower also go very well with black and white invitations. The tip is to always think of simple models to highlight the theme and thematic designs to enhance the item. It can be a baby silhouette, a graphic, a stroller, among other proposals.

black and white baby shower invitations

Retro baby carriage design is a great tip for black and white invitations!

black and white baby shower invitationsblack and white template baby shower invitations


Graduation party is on the list of formal events. It doesn’t matter which way black and white invitations go down well because it’s an event in itself with luxury and chic.

black and white graduation invitationsblack and white medical graduation invitationssimple black and white graduation invitations

Personalized invitations are super trendy and give a charm to the item. It’s worth thinking about a diploma format, with a 3D hat like the photo below or something similar.

personalized black and white invitations


There is no pair of colors that go better on a birthday invitation than black and white. A masculine decoration calls for something more formal even though the event is fun and the classic dual serves well.

black and white male birthday invitationsblack and white male party invitations

Free Edit and Print B&W Invitation Templates

Looking for something more practical? There are many black and white invitations ready to go. Just open an image editing program like Photoshop, Photo Filter or even Paint and fill in the event data. It can be used both for virtual invitation and sending through social networks or printing with good resolution.

Check out some models:

black and white invitations ready to filltemplate black and white invitations to printblack and white invitations to put the datablack and white online invitation layout

For any black and white invitation template, never forget the basics: name of the birthday boy, date, address and time. You can also provide a contact number for more information.

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