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Luna's show invitations

23 Luna Show Invitations to Print & How-to at Home!

If you have a young son or daughter, you’ve certainly heard of, or even watched, Luna’s Show. The cartoon has won over children who marvel at the adventures of a girl named Luna, who loves science and does everything to understand the world around her. If this is your children’s fever of the moment, we have separated several options of Show da Luna invitations that will convince you to plan their next birthday party with this theme!

Luna's show invitations

Luna Show Invitation Photos to Get Inspired

You don’t have the right colors for Luna Show invitations, it all depends on how you are planning your party decorations. For girls, you can choose models with the shape and design of watermelon, for boys, invitations in shades of dark blue, for example.

In addition to the watermelons, Luna and her friends decorate the invitation in relief!

Luna Show invitation with watermelons and character relief

In this model, only the envelope is decorated and the “window” shows only the necessary information for a very simple invitation!

Luna Show invitation with picnic tablecloth and flowers print

This invitation is for a picnic party, that’s why it won a print of the traditional red checkered tablecloth

To make it more feminine, you can choose models with flowers and butterflies, for example!

Luna's show invitation with purple envelope

In addition to the flowers, this invitation gained a very delicate shade of purple to match the birthday girl!

You can give guests only the invitations or keep them in a plain envelope, but always choosing colors that match each other!

Luna show invitation with characters opening red curtains

Of course, as the name of the program already says, there could not be missing an invitation with the curtains presenting Luna’s show!

Luna's show invitation with red envelope

This model, in addition to the curtains, received a plain red envelope to match the invitation

The color combination that matches the design is red, blue and orange (mostly used only in details). They are perfect for both girls and boys invitations!

Luna Show invitation with yellow envelope

This left the red and blue of supporting actors, highlighting the yellow!

Luna Show invitations with black envelope

Orange is the color of the Luna Show logo that can be used to decorate your invitation!

If you want to get away from the traditional, and leave the envelopes aside, you can opt for the invitation templates that come with flaps that serve as envelopes! They are very fun, besides the different look, of course!

Luna Show invitations with blue tabs

This model matches the curtain design, as it looks like the show is starting!

To keep these types of invitations closed, you can opt for a ribbon, with a bow or even a buckle to look like a belt!

Luna Show invitations with ribbon that looks like a belt

Free Edit and Print Invitation Templates

If you like to put the “hands on”, you can bet on options of Show da Luna invitations to print at home. You need to choose the type of paper you want, from cardstock or a paper with a gloss, for example. Then you must configure the printing with the measurements of the paper and select the option to print multiple invitations on a single paper.

Luna Show invitation to print in blue and red

Luna, her brother Jupiter, and her pet ferret Claudius help decorate the invitation!

The models of rectangular invitations in blue, red and orange accents are the most traditional!

Luna Show invitation to print in blue, red and orange

Orange was highlighted in the space to complete with party information

The decorative background of the invitation can be of the most varied, such as curtains from a concert or even striped prints, flowers and stars!

Luna Show invitation to print with large blank space to complete with information

This invitation template has reserved a large space for party information. You can add a special message to the guests!

Luna Show invitation to print with curtains and characters decorating

The space for information can be either in Luna Show colors or in white

Luna Show invitation to print with polka dot background

This invitation was very feminine with the dot pattern in the background!

Luna Show invitation with stripes print

This invitation left the blue, red and orange only in the details, leaving the white to stand out. A good option for those looking for a more clean invitation!

Luna Show invitation to print in pink

The traditional colors don’t even appear in this invitation model, which was very feminine only in pink!

In addition to the traditional rectangular invitation templates, you can bet on the most different shapes, both in rectangular invitations, but vertically, as well as choosing unusual types, such as circular ones.

Luna Show invitations to print with flowers and stars

The taller invitations are perfect for those who want to write a message to their guests, in addition to party information

Luna Show circular invitation to print

The circular shape makes the invitation very different and fun!

Luna Show circular invitation in blue with flowers

Even with dark blue, the flowers made this model perfect for the girls fans of the Show da Luna

Luna Show invitation with orange space for party information

Even with the most traditional formats you can choose models that feature a different design!

Luna Show invitation with a concert ticket design

This invitation looks like a ticket to a concert!

Luna Show invitation to print with space for information in dialog boxes

In this you complete the information in each character dialog!

When choosing the invitation template, don’t forget to fill in all the necessary information:

  • birthday boy’s name
  • Date
  • Address
  • Schedule

This data can be completed by hand or you can choose a font that matches the Luna Show logo and complete on the computer before printing the invitations!

Have you already chosen your invitation template? We are sure that these Luna Show invitation templates will be successful, not only with your children, but also with the guests!

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