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photo montage of decorations

20 1-Year Party Themes That Guarantee Incredible Decor!

Organizing a party is not one of the easiest actions in the world, especially if it’s from first birthday of the baby. That’s because dads need to look for ideas for themes for the 1st year party, so that they can do something cute and cool to celebrate this big date in the best way possible.

photo montage of decorations

1 year anniversary

A child’s first year is something extremely special and should be celebrated a lot, because that’s when daddies are learning to deal with their little one. Therefore, celebrating is essential, taking care of the decoration.

Photos and Theme Ideas for Men’s 1st Year Party

There are different types of themes for the 1st year party, inspired mainly by the drawings available for the kids. It’s important that mom chooses a theme that’s more suited to her age. A good tip is to repair the drawings that are shown on children’s channels, with them it is possible to get good ideas. However, an even more practical way to choose how the decoration will be is to keep an eye on the models below that we have separated for you.

Thomas and his friends

An option beyond cute is to have a birthday inspired by the design Thomas and his friends. The little train pulls smiles from the kids, who love to watch its episodes full of emotion and fun. What’s more, it also allows for differentiated decorative items such as the terrestrial globe. Placing different models of trains around the party venue can be a good option.

candy table with trains from Thomas and His Friends candy table with trains from Thomas and His Friends

Teen Titans

Want to have a party based on heroes for your big boy, but want something that’s more delicate to match his age? Bet on Teen Titans, because they are adventurous, exciting and full of cuteness through their diverse colors to get your little one’s attention. A great advantage in this theme is that you can dress your little one like a hero. There are many clothes for one year olds with capes and other items.

Candy table with Teen Titans decorationsCandy table with Teen Titans decorations

Adventure Time

It’s hard to find a child who doesn’t like Adventure Time. With delicate lines and fun colors, the characters in this animation are a good way to celebrate your puppy’s 1st birthday in a memorable way. What’s more, all the children present will be very excited to be able to participate in an adventure as they see it in the cartoon. Guaranteed fun!

Candy table with Adventure Time characters
candy table with Adventure Time characters and tables with drawn balloons


What child doesn’t like Lego, right? These wonderful pieces are becoming more and more successful, and if in the past they were just a type of toy, today they have become an international phenomenon, even counting on several films. Therefore, having a birthday with this theme may be all you need for your child to be super excited looking at the decorations.

Lego candy table with balloon bottomLego candy table

How to Train Your Dragon

First appearing as a movie, and then gaining its own design, How to Train Your Dragon is a super cute way to celebrate your little one’s birthday. In addition to being full of adventures, the story also has very cute showing a boy’s friendship with a dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon candy table with plush charactersHow to Train Your Dragon candy table


The cute puppy Doki is one of the cutest 1 year party theme options. There is no one who is not enchanted by this little one, and it will certainly make your child super happy to see such a cute little thing.

Doki candy table with plush charactersdoki's candy table

angry Birds

Famous mobile phone game, Andry Birds is still a cute cartoon that children love. Your amusing birds are sure to be an attraction of your own at your child’s party.

Angry Birds candy tableAngry Birds candy table


The minion is that kind of character that pulls smiles not only from children, but from adults as well. So, there’s nothing better than making a theme with these beautiful bixinhos to live, right?

Minions candy table


Famous children’s drawing, Backyardigans also provides scenes beyond cute. Using kites and flags to decorate the place can be a great way to get children to fall in love with this festive theme.

Backyardigans candy table with kites in the backgroundBackyardigans candy table with little flags

Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo is the typical design that spans generations. While I grew up watching the adventures of this group in search of monsters, today I can see children in the same wave. Therefore, choosing it as one of the themes for your little one’s 1st birthday party can be a great way out.

Scooby-Doo cake table with a big Scooby on the sideScooby-Doo candy table

Photos and Theme Ideas for Women’s 1st Year Party

Mothers of girls tend to go crazy when it comes to choosing something from a variety of theme options for a 1st year party. That’s because there are so many cute and creative ideas that it’s very difficult to choose. Check out the best options we’ve separated for you:

Baby Looney Tunes

How about having a baby shower with cartoon babies as the theme? This is the Bbaby Looney Tunes. Cute and able to catch the eye of your puppies, it is a great choice for the most diverse birthdays.

Baby Looney Tunes Candy TableBaby Looney Tunes Candy Table

Wonder Woman

A great option for a girl’s 1st birthday is to do the wonder woman theme. That’s because, this is a way to encourage your baby daughter to be stronger and more wonderful. Besides, this theme is beautiful!

Wonder Woman candy tableWonder Woman candy table

my little pony

Full of colors and cuteness, My Little Pony is a way to make your puppy’s party very cute, colorful and with decorations that will certainly make the kids super excited.

My Little Poney Candy TableMy Little Poney Candy Table


Success among children, Peppa could not be missing from the list of themes for the 1st year party, right? It’s a surefire recipe for the event to be really great and all the guests are very happy.

Peppa's candy tablePeppa's candy table

Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug

Have you ever imagined a girl like Ladybird? Well, someone did, and created a design inspired by that, which by the way, breaks the hearts of little girls out there who are crazy to be like her. It’s quite an option!

Ladybug's candy tableLadybug's candy table

Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola is the translation of cuteness, so imagine what your little girl’s party would be like if that was the theme, it would be cute, wouldn’t it?

Charlie and Lola candy tableCharlie and Lola candy table

Small strawberry

Another character that crosses generations, Moranguinho renews itself more and more, and with that, it remains a beautiful option for your daughter’s birthday to be celebrated very well.

Strawberry Shortcake character decoration in green, pink and whiteStrawberry Shortcake character decoration in green, pink and white

Patati and patata

For those who like clowns, the duo Patati and Patatá is always a super viable option and capable of making all the kids present really happy.

Patati Patatá candy table decoration
Patati Patatá candy table decoration


It’s impossible to think about little girls’ birthdays without thinking about princesses, isn’t it? That’s because your little princess would be the most beautiful thing in life with a dress and crown. So, this is a beautiful, cute option, and your daughter will certainly appreciate it after a few years when reviewing the footage of the event.

princess candy table decorationprincess candy table decoration

Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia is a case apart, stealing the most diverse hearts, this character is a great option for those who want to get away from conventional princesses and make decorations inspired by her. Beautiful!

Princess Sofia candy table decoration with balloons on the sidePrincess Sofia candy table decoration with balloons on the side

Now that we’ve shown you so many options, it’s time to pick one, isn’t it? Good luck on this mission!

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