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100 ideas of cheap unissex presents

Present cheap unissex

Natal getting ready, signing end of year party, new family party crushwhere you don’t know practically anyone, secret friend of the academy… there’s no shortage of opportunities to trade presents at the end of the year. The problem is that, many times, on these occasions we need to present people we don’t know very well and we don’t have much intimacy. Even, at times, the secret friends are raffled off on time, so that you need to buy a present without knowing who is going to receive it! Besides, because they are other parties and presents, we need to save on purchases. And here is the question: what are the cheap unissex presents to save me from this situation? If this is your problem, it ends now! Here’s how we’re going to give you 100 ideas of cheap unissex presents for various occasions. Find out what else is available for you and your friends to buy!

Presents of secret friend of the academy

Academy is a place where we go to relieve the stress of the day to day, to take care of the health and many times we meet funny people, mainly, in the classrooms in group: of dance, of mourning, of gynastics and so on. One way to thank for the shared laughter and for the distraction after work is to make a secret friend an academy. It happens that as we divide few hours of the day with these people, many times, we do not know them deeply. Therefore, we need to find an alternative way to get the present right.

In this case, what would it be? One thing you already have in common: the desire to practice and attend school and class together. Not to be mistaken, presents related to the world of physical exercise can be a good way to ask for ideas of cheap unissex presents to give the secret friend of his academy. Some suggestions are:

  • Blouses dry fit;
  • Calças legging;
  • Regatta shirts;
  • Meias;
  • Garrafinha de água;
  • Various elastics for exercícios;
  • Tennis balls;
  • Academy bags;
  • Hair pins and bandanas;
  • Yoga accessories;
  • Pulseiras for smartwatch;
  • Tactel shorts and shoes;
  • Phones of ouvido;
  • Bonés;
  • Luvinhas de malhar;
  • Cell phone holder arm;
  • Backpacks;
  • Toalhas.
Cheap unissex presents - Presents of secret friend of the academy

Secret Work Friend

Another place that people need to turn to us 30 to find ideas of cheap unissex presents is for the secret friend of the work. Many times we don’t have the slightest clue what that colleague who only gives good day and good night likes and that we don’t exchange more than 10 words during the coffee break.

Another problem with our secret work friends is that many times they are of the Roba-Rouba type, that is, whoever has been drawn after can steal the present of a colleague who has already opened. In this game, not always the person you shot will get the present chosen for him. That’s why it’s always better to buy something more neutral so that whoever ends up with the present gets it. To make everyone happy we give you some ideas of unissex presents cheap to give to work colleagues:

  • Agenda of the following year;
  • Accessories that help the type of work you do (e.g. if you are a painter, you are a salesman);
  • Jogos de tabuleiro;
  • Canecas – they can be used to drink water, coffee or as a canteen holder;
  • Books related to the profession;
  • Vale-present from some unissex loja;
  • Ecobag;
  • Marmite game;
  • Ergonomic accessories for the computer
  • Cremes de mão;
  • Prepaid card from Netflix or Spotify;
  • Vinho taças;
  • Vinho openers;
  • Buckets of ice;
  • Led reading light.
Present cheap unissex - Amigo secreto do trabalho

Presenting cheap unissex comtíveis

I particularly don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to eat. At the end of the year, then, it’s the best time to eat tasty food. Do you want to please any secret friend? Choose to give something to eat, food does not have error! And if you are not creative, here are some cheap unissex gift options you ate:

  • Chocolate boxes;
  • Friendly little biscuits;
  • Queijos;
  • Panetone special, se for chocotone, melhor ainda!;
  • Vinho carafes;
  • Dried fruit vines;
  • Doces em compota;
  • Pâtés with torradas,
  • Canned spices;
  • Caixinhas of gourmet brigadeiros;
  • Small basket with a variety of foods;
  • Torrones;
  • Cervejas especiais.
Present cheap unissex - Present cheap unissex comestíveis

Presenting cheap unissex technology

Today it is difficult to meet someone who is not minimally connected to technology. That’s why we’re going to give you options cheap unissex presents linked to that universe:

  • Cellular layer;
  • Portable loader;
  • Wagon loader;
  • Customized cell phone cord;
  • Kit selfie, with pau de selfie and assorted lenses;
  • Purse speaker;
  • Caixinha de som à prova d’água;
  • Virtual book;
  • Different pen drive;
  • Notebook pillow;
  • Tabletop support for cell phone or tablet;
  • Cell phone support for speleology – for the filmmakers of the Academy;
  • Caixinha for portable phone.
Present cheap unissex - Present cheap unissex technology

Presenting cheap unissex for home

It is difficult for those who do not like to receive a gift to shave their house, this is saying someone who does not know if they are living or just saving decoration references in the interest! Everyone has a bar at home ready to receive a mime and a little bit of life. So, whimsy in the choices and presenteie o seu amigo secreto with some decorative items:

  • Film posters;
  • Funny Quadrinhos;
  • Pillow layers;
  • Capachos;
  • Potinhos de comida fofos – para quem tem pet;
  • Set of coffee xicrinhas;
  • Decorated plant cups;
  • Organizing boxes;
  • Quadrinhos porta-chaves;
  • Luminárias;
  • Spelhos;
  • Caipirinha kit;
  • Set of flakes;
  • Small wall bookcase.
Cheap unissex presents - Cheap unissex presents for home

Presenting cheap unissex good vibes

To be good vibes no matter what the gender or type, you don’t need to spend much for it! If you have a friend who is calm and loves to practice his name, follow this list of cheap unissex presents for your zens friends. This way you will not disappoint and you will not pull any of the “must do” with a wrong present:

  • Incense holder with incense;
  • Terrário;
  • Yoga blocks;
  • Ceramic Buddha;
  • Jardim zen;
  • Sinos;
  • Elephants to hang behind the door;
  • Fontes;
  • Essenciais oil diffuser;
  • Yoga stethoses;
  • Candles;
  • Palo santo;
  • Relaxing pillow for sniffs;
  • Cristais;
  • Oleos essenciais.
Present cheap unissex - Present cheap unissex good vibes

Present from 30 reais

Precisely because of the amount of secret friends At the end of the year many companies and groups of friends stipulate a maximum price so that the jump does not become too heavy for the participants’ bags. As here we are missing cheap unissex presents, we will give you ideas of crops up to 30 years to participate in the festival without having to wait for the ceremony. Paper and pencils in hand to write down the ideas of present from 30 reais unissex:

  • Soaps;
  • Thermal coffee cups;
  • Succulents;
  • Sleeping pads;
  • Chaveiros;
  • Thresher;
  • Carteira;
  • Portable massager;
  • Radio-religious;
  • Fishing pillow for travel;
  • Passport holder.

The list of this article contains only options of cheap, neutral unisex gifts, that is, things that normally please all the people and will help you in your shopping in Natal. However, presents are gender-neutral, What does it matter who you want to use?

If you want to destroy the hidden friend of your group, see our article on how to reveal your secret friend in a stapled way.

Present cheap unissex - Present from 30 reais

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