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What is the spiritual meaning of summer solstice 2021?

There are plenty of ways to make the most of the longest day’s spiritual significance. According to award-winning Life Coach and Mentor Emma Mumford, aka Spiritual Queen, the summer solstice is a “potent time” for “birthing new energy, new beginnings, manifesting, and welcoming in abundance too”..

Why is summer solstice so special?

The summer solstice is when the sun is its furthest away from the equator, making it the longest day of the year. It has been marked as the high point of summer – or midsummer – since the Neolithic era.

What happens spiritually during solstice?

While the Spring Equinox begins this journey and represents new beginnings, the Summer Solstice represents the next step of this divine rhythm. Always occurring at the start of the Cancer Sun Season, the Summer Solstice reminds us to turn inward and find the nourishment needed to grow and evolve.

Why do pagans celebrate summer solstice?

Vikings and ancient Egyptians celebrated the summer solstice centuries ago. Today, it’s marked in a variety of ways in countries of the Northern Hemisphere. For pagans, it marks the start of the Festival of Litha, a celebration of the sun’s powers.

Does summer solstice affect mood?

In many places around the world, the summer solstice represents the beginning of summer, which could have several tangible health benefits including better sleep and a more positive mood. During this season, people tend to feel better and have a slight elevation in their mood.

How do you celebrate solstice 2021?

How To Celebrate The Winter Solstice

  1. Decorate an Outdoor Edible Tree for the Animals.
  2. Make Winter Solstice Lanterns.
  3. Read Winter Solstice Books.
  4. Make Orange Pomanders.
  5. Spend The Night By Candlelight.
  6. Make Some Wassail.
  7. Reflect, Release, Let Go, and Set Intentions For The New Season.

Do Muslims celebrate summer solstice?

Summer Solstice and Kadir Gecesi

This year, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan coincides with the summer solstice. (Ramadan’s dates vary each year, but in 2017 it runs from May 26 to June 24.)

What are the four pagan festivals?

Four of the festivals have Celtic origins and are known by their Celtic names, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain.

How do you wish someone a happy solstice? On this December Solstice, may the flame warm our heart, and may the light remind us of the ever-returning sun. A gift to our love with a helping dream for the darkest night yet to arrive. On, this December Solstice, let us all come together to sing joyous songs and forget the sadness.

What does solstice symbolize?

Solstices are especially notable, as they mark the longest and shortest days of the year. In essence, they signify how life on Earth changes in connection to the Sun and how our seasons shape our world. When a solstice occurs, the Sun reaches its absolute highest or lowest point relative to our celestial equator.

How does solstice affect us?

According to research, our brains’ serotonin levels are affected by exposure to daylight. So, when there’s little daylight in the run-up to the Winter Solstice, our serotonin levels can drop and leave us feeling down.

Can the summer solstice affect mood?

In many places around the world, the summer solstice represents the beginning of summer, which could have several tangible health benefits including better sleep and a more positive mood. During this season, people tend to feel better and have a slight elevation in their mood.

What is the energy of summer solstice?

Summer solstice energies are stimulated as the sun approaches its maximum power, light and heat (in northern hemisphere). Our body usually experiences an increase in energy. Receptors in our retinas conduct the light information which stimulates a reset of our circadian rhythms. This invokes a time of action.

What is the Celtic name for the summer solstice?

The Druidic name for the Summer Solstice is Alban Hefin, which means the ‘The Light of the Shore’ or ‘Light of Summer’.

What celebrates lughnasadh? Lughnasadh or Lughnasa (/ˈluːnəsə/ LOO-nə-sə, Irish: [ˈl̪ˠuːnˠəsˠə]) is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Is June 21 always the summer solstice? The timing of the June solstice is not based on a specific calendar date or time; it all depends on when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the celestial equator. Therefore, the solstice won’t always occur on the same day. Currently, it shifts between June 20, 21, and 22.

Is June 21 or 22 the longest day? Summer officially kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere today (June 21), marking the longest day of the year. During the June solstice (or summer solstice), the sun reaches its highest and northernmost points in the sky.

What energy does the summer solstice bring?

Summer Solstice and Solar Energy

With summer solstice officially here, it’s bringing early dawns, longer days, late sunsets and shorter nights. Collectively as humans, it has been a time to treasure the longer days and warmth that this astronomical event brings us.

What religions celebrate solstice?

Today, the celebration of the solstices is mostly strongly associated with Paganism. The Pagan festival of Litha is one of the most important in the Pagan religion, commencing on the eve of the Summer Solstice it celebrates the midsummer and the power of the sun god.

How is Litha celebrated?

The Celts celebrated Litha with hilltop bonfires and dancing. Many people attempted to jump over or through the bonfires for good luck. Other European traditions included setting large wheels on fire, and rolling them down a hill into a body of water.

What happens in summer solstice?

The summer solstice marks the beginning of the astronomical summer and occurs when the earth has its maximum tilt towards the sun. For temperate regions, the summer solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. The Earth orbits the sun at an angle.

What is Stonehenge summer solstice?

LONDON — Thousands of druids, pagans and New Age revelers greeted the summer solstice at Stonehenge on Tuesday, the longest day of the northern hemisphere year. People gather for sunrise at Stonehenge, June 21, 2022, in Wiltshire, England.

Who celebrates solstice?

Since ancient times, people all over the world have recognized this important astronomical occurrence and celebrated the subsequent “return” of the Sun in a variety of different ways. Old solstice traditions have influenced holidays we celebrate now, such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

What happens during a solstice?

During the solstice, the sun is at its highest point–over the Tropic of Cancer–and there are the most hours of daylight and least hours of darkness of any day in the year. Solstices happen every June and December, occurring at the same time around the world and marking the year’s longest and shortest days.

Does the summer solstice make you tired? When the Earth is farthest from the sun, we get the least light. This affects sleep because light directly affects the production of melatonin. More light means less melatonin; less light, more melatonin. This can also have an effect on depression as well, also known as the winter blues.

Why is June 21 the longest day?

The sun’s going to stick around in the sky longer than usual on Tuesday, as June 21 marks the first day of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Those in California will see the sun set at around 8 p.m., and in Sacramento at around 8:30 p.m. during the summer solstice — the longest day of the year.

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