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What holiday is on April 18th 2022?

Easter Monday – April 18, 2022. Healthy Kids Day – (2022 TBA) (See Kerry’s Healthy Kids section on her Healthy Diet Habits website!).

What is celebrated April 16?

Emancipation Day. First Day of Passover – April 16, 2022. Foursquare Day. Holy Saturday – April 16, 2022 (Holy Saturday falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday)

Is 18 April 2022 a public holiday in USA?

Non-federal US Holidays 2022

Here is a list of (non-federal) holidays in the US in 2022: Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2022. Tax Day: April 18, 2022.

Is April 17 a special day?

April 17th also marks National Cheeseball Day and Tax Day. We have 8 holidays listed for April 17.

What is celebrated on 13 April?

It took place on 13 April 1919 at Amritsar and is also known as the Amritsar massacre .

Shikha Goyal.

April 2022 Important Days
Date Name of Important Days
11 April National Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD)
11 April National Pet Day
13 April Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

• Apr 29, 2022

What National Day is April 22nd?


What is celebrated April 15?

Titanic Remembrance Day. Universal Day of Culture. World Art Day. World Marbles Day – April 15, 2022 (Same Day as Good Friday)

What is celebrated on 19 April?

National Hanging Out Day

Help the environment and extend the life of your clothes by line drying.

Which day is celebrated on 22 April? The First Earth Day

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Is 29th April 2022 a public holiday?

The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government Dr. Fred Matiang’i has declared Friday April 29th , 2022 and Tuesday May 3rd , 2022 as public holidays.

What is celebrated April 21?

India celebrates Civil Services Day on April 21 every year. The Government of India commemorates this day to appreciate all the public officers across the country who are engaged in several government departments.

Which holiday is on Friday 29th April 2022?

USA: National Peace Rose Day.

Is 29 April a holiday?

The list of holidays will help you plan in advance. Read on find out more about the holidays that fall in the month of April 2022.

Bank Holidays in April 2022.

Date 29 April 2022
Day Friday
Holiday Jamat-ul-vida
Bank Holiday in Several states

• Apr 1, 2022

What is celebrated on 23 April?

World Book Day is also celebrated in India on 23rd April every year. It is commemorated in many parts of India to encourage & aware of people for reading & publishing books.

What is celebrated April 22?

Earth Day
Significance Support for environmental protection
Begins 1970
Date April 22
Next time April 22, 2023

Is April 26 a special Day? International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day. Lesbian Visibility Day. National Dissertation Day. National Help a Horse Day.

What is celebrated on April 17th?

NATIONAL CRAWFISH DAY National Crawfish Day on April 17th celebrates one of the South’s most iconic foods.

What is celebrated on 29th April?

The International Dance Day is observed globally on 29 April every year. The International Dance Day is observed globally on 29 April every year. The day celebrates the value and importance of the dance and encourages participation and education in this art form through events and festivals.

What is celebrated April 18?

April 18th also marks National Haiku Poetry Day and National Velociraptor Awareness Day.

What is celebrated on April 23?

April 23rd also marks National Picnic Day, St. George’s Day, and World Book Day.

Is April 12th a holiday?

International Day for Street Children. International Day of Human Space Flight. National Be Kind to Lawyers Day – April 12, 2022 (Second Tuesday in April) National Licorice Day.

Is 18 April 2022 a bank holiday?

These are the bank holidays for England and Wales in 2022: Monday 3 January, New Year’s Day (substitute day) Friday 15 April, Good Friday. Monday 18 April, Easter Monday.

Is Monday April 18th 2022 a holiday?

Easter Monday, falling on April 18 this year, is the Christian (public) holiday after Easter Sunday, which is the day when Jesus Christ emerged from the tomb after his crucifixion.

How many federal holidays are there 2022? there are eleven federal holidays in the United States, we took a look at when each will fall in 2022. This year like last, the US will celebrate eleven public holidays, thanks to the inclusion of Juneteenth.

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