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What happened on October 7th 2018?

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in to the Supreme Court Saturday evening, shortly after the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him as the newest justice. Kavanaugh’s confirmation process has been fraught with scandal, as he was accused by three women of sexual assault and other misconduct in his high school and college years..

What happened October 18th 2018?

Among the events that happened on this day in history, the Dow dropped 508 points, known as “Black Monday”.

What happened in history October 7?

On Oct. 7, 2001, the war in Afghanistan started as the United States and Britain launched air attacks against military targets and Osama bin Laden’s training camps in the wake of the September 11 attacks. On this date: In 1777, the second Battle of Saratoga began during the American Revolution.

Is October 18 a special day?

National Chocolate Cupcake Day is observed annually on October 18. With a dollop of frosting, one sweet serving will satisfy chocolate and dessert lovers!

What happened in history on October 18th?

1867 – United States takes possession of Alaska after purchasing it from Russia for $7.2 million. Celebrated annually in the state as Alaska Day. 1898 – The United States takes possession of Puerto Rico from Spain. 1900 – Count Bernhard von Bülow becomes chancellor of Germany.

Who was born on 18th October?

More celebrities with birthdays today

Actor Joe Morton is 74. Actor Pam Dawber is 71. Gospel singer Vickie Winans is 68. Actor Jon Lindstrom (“General Hospital”) is 64.

What was invented on October 18?

Is it National Smile Day today?

Wear your best smile to this party as we celebrate National Smile Day every year on May 31.

Is there a 31st in November? November 31 Calendar – United States.

What is celebrated October 7?

National Depression Screening Day – October 7, 2021 (Thursday of Mental Illness Awareness Week) National Flower Day. National Forgiveness Day. National Frappe Day.

What is October 5th National day?

WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY – October 5 – National Day Calendar. CELEBRATION NATION!

What holiday is today?

What Holiday is Today? ( June 12, 2022)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Jerky Day Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Loving Day Unofficial (Relationships & Family)
National Children’s Day United States

What happened on October 9th?

1861 – American Civil War: Union troops repel a Confederate attempt to capture Fort Pickens at the Battle of Santa Rosa Island. 1864 – American Civil War: Union cavalrymen defeat Confederate forces at Toms Brook, Virginia. 1873 – A meeting at the U.S. Naval Academy establishes the U.S. Naval Institute.

What is October 8th National Day?


Is today Mom’s day? Mother’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date
2017 Sun May 14
2018 Sun May 13
2018 Sun May 13
2019 Sun May 12

Is 24 May a holiday? 2022 Daily Holidays that fall on May 24, include:

International Tiara Day. International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament. National Escargot Day. Scavenger Hunt Day.

Is 2 November a holiday? 2 November – All Souls’ Day.

Is October 7th a special day?

October 7th holidays

Today is National Frappe Day and World Smile Day.

When did Halloween start?

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor saints. Soon after, All Saints Day came to incorporate some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve, and later, Halloween.

What Zodiac is October 7?

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac (September 23–October 22) and is represented by the scales of justice.

What happened on October 7th 2006?

U.S. soldier killed in Iraqi combat

The soldier — with Task Force Lightning — was assigned to the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C, the military said. Baiji is in Salaheddin province north of Baghdad. With the death, 2,736 U.S. military personnel have died in the Iraq war. (Posted 7:31 a.m.)

What happened on October 7th 2021?

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck the Balochistan province in Pakistan early Thursday, killing at least 20 people. The quake hit 62 miles east of Quetta, Balochistan’s provincial capital, at a depth of around 12 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

What is October 5th celebration?

World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is an international day held annually on 5 October.

Who is Sweetest Day meant for?

Sweetest Day is mainly a day for women to treat their close male friends, husbands or boyfriends with gifts of candy and other sweet gestures.

What holiday is October 3rd? National Boyfriend Day – October 3.

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