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What happened on May 2nd 2022?

A couple dozen civilians were evacuated on Saturday. Meanwhile, Russia intensified attacks on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Russian forces were close enough to pound Kharkiv with artillery fire, but Ukrainian fighters battled to retake surrounding villages that had fallen under Russian control..

Is May 2 a holiday in Kerala?

Eid-Ul-Fitr to be celebrated on May 3

It had earlier declared May 2 as holiday to mark the end of the Ramzan season. However, Muslim scholars in Kerala failed to sight the crescent moon signifying the start of the month of Shawwal as per the Islamic lunar Hijri calendar.

What is the Speciality of 8th May?

This Day in History – May 8, 1945, was the day Nazi Germany declared an end to the war. People called the day V-E Day, or Victory in Europe Day, for it was a celebration of their victory.

Is May 2 2022 a holiday in Kerala?

This page contains a calendar of all 2022 public holidays for Kerala.

Kerala Public Holidays 2022.

Date Day Holiday
2 May Mon Idul Fitr
9 Jul Sat Bakrid / Eid al Adha
15 Aug Mon Independence Day
7 Sep Wed First Onam

Why is May 3 a holiday?

The Republic Act 9177 established Eid’l Fitr as a regular holiday to honor the country’s Islamic heritage. It is celebrated by the Muslim world for three (3) days after the month of fasting.

Is 1st dry day in Kerala?

For the past two decades, Kerala has been keeping shut the liquor outlets owned by the State Beverages Corporation, bars and toddy parlours on the first day of every month on the grounds that it is the salary day.

Is May 03 a legal holiday?

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte has signed Proclamation 1356 declaring today, May 3, a regular holiday throughout the country in observance of Eid’l Fitr or the end of Ramadan.

Is Eid Al Fitr a special holiday?

Eid’l Fitr, one of the two most important Islamic celebrations, is observed by the Muslim community three days after the month-long Ramadan fasting. The holiday is determined by the use of the lunar-based Islamic calendar through the sighting of the crescent moon in the Islamic month of Shawwal.

Is Eid Al Fitr a regular holiday? NOW, THEREFORE, I, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby declare Tuesday, 03 May 2022, a regular holiday throughout the country in observance of Eid’l Fitr (Feast of Ramadhan).

What days is 2nd May 2022?

List of Holidays in May 2022

Date Day Holiday
1 May 2022 Sunday May Day/ Maharashtra Day
2 May 2022 Monday Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti
3 May 2022 Tuesday Idul Fitr, Basava Jayanti
4 May 2022 Wednesday Idul Fitr

What religious holiday is May 3 2022?

University of Richmond Religious Observance Calendar 2020-24

2021-22 2023-24
Good Friday Friday, April 22, 2022 Friday, May 3, 2024
Easter Sunday, April 24, 2022 Sunday, May 5, 2024
Diwali November 4, 2021 Sunday, November 12, 2023

Is the 2nd of May a public holiday 2022?

Applies to banks and certain financial institutions, see the Retail Trading Act 2008. From 31.12.

NSW public holidays 2022 – 2023.

Holiday 2022 2023
2 Australia Day Wednesday 26 January 2022 Thursday 26 January 2023
Good Friday Friday 15 April 2022 Friday 7 April 2023

Is May 2 2022 a bank holiday?

The next bank holiday is the early May bank holiday, which will fall on Monday 2 May 2022.

What is celebrated on May 4th?

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4 to celebrate the Star Wars media franchise created by founder and former chairman and CEO of Lucasfilm, George Lucas.

What national holiday is on May 4? National Kids Fitness Day. National Orange Juice Day. National Skilled Trades Day – May 4, 2022. National Weather Observers Day.

What is celebrated on March 2? March 2nd is the sixty-first day (sixty-second in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the U.S. Congress passing the first Reconstruction Act, and the enactment of the Jones–Shafroth Act: granting Puerto Ricans United States citizenship.

What holiday is today?

What Holiday is Today? ( June 23, 2022)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Public Service Day International (Appreciation & Honor, Work & Occupation)
International Widows’ Day International (Awareness & Cause, Relationships & Family)
National Day Luxembourg National Holiday
Victory Day Estonia National Holiday

What does Juneteenth mean?

Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. It is also called Emancipation Day or Juneteenth Independence Day. The name “Juneteenth” references the date of the holiday, combining the words “June” and “nineteenth.”

Is today Mom’s day?

Mother’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date
2018 Sun May 13
2019 Sun May 12
2019 Sun May 12
2020 Sun May 10

Is Juneteenth a Monday holiday?

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19 each year. Because that falls on a Sunday this year, it will be observed on June 20 by governments and businesses.

What is celebrated May 11th?

National Third Shift Workers Day – May 11, 2022 (Second Wednesday in May) National Twilight Zone Day. Root Canal Appreciation Day. World Ego Awareness Day.

What is celebrated on 5th May?

This Day in History: May 5

On this day in 1862, Mexico repelled the French forces of Napoleon III at the Battle of Puebla, a victory that became a symbol of resistance to foreign domination and is now celebrated as a national holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

What is celebrated on May 6th?

National Provider Appreciation Day – May 6, 2022 (Friday before Mother’s Day) National Public Gardens Day – May 6, 2022 (Friday before Mother’s Day) National Tourist Appreciation Day. No Homework Day.

Which festival is today in Kerala? Festival Calendar

Festivals 2022
Thiruvonam All over Kerala 08 September
Aranmula Boat Race River Pamba Pathanamthitta District 11 September
Pulikali Swaraj Round, Thrissur Thrissur District 11 September
Feast of Holy Cross Shrine Holy Cross Shrine, Mapranam Thrissur District 13 to 14 September

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