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What day is October 7th on 2021?

Today is Thursday, Oct. 7, the 280th day of 2021. There are 85 days left in the year..

What is recognized in October?

National Month Observances in October

That’s because October is Polish American Heritage Month, National Cookbook Month, and Country Music Month, as well as (the more serious) Health Literacy Month. The United States is very prolific at creating “national month” events.

What celebrations happen in October?

31 Reasons to Celebrate in October

  • 01 of 31. October 1: World Vegetarian Day.
  • 02 of 31. October 2: International Day of Non-Violence.
  • 03 of 31. October 3: ‘Mean Girls’ Appreciation Day.
  • 04 of 31. October 4: Cinnamon Roll Day.
  • 05 of 31. October 5: National Be Nice Day.
  • 06 of 31. October 6: Garlic Lovers Day.
  • 07 of 31.
  • 08 of 31.

Did you know facts about October?

Fun Facts About October

  • The name for the month of October originates from the Latin word “octō”, which means “eight”.
  • Every year, October ends on the same day as February.
  • The Anglo-Saxons called October “Winterfylleth” — it means “fullness of winter”.
  • The birthstones for October are the tourmaline and the opal.

What should I watch October 2021?

16 Things Streaming On Apple TV+ In October That Are Worth The Watch

  • Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry (2021) Apple TV+/Courtesy Everett Collection.
  • Boys State (2020)
  • CODA (2021)
  • Come From Away (2021)
  • Defending Jacob (2020)
  • Dickinson (2019–)
  • Greyhound (2020)
  • *Invasion (2021–)

What should I binge?

12 TV and Streaming Shows You Should Binge-Watch This June

  • 93% The Boys. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • 94% P-Valley. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • 91% For All Mankind. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • 94% Peaky Blinders. BBC.
  • 95% Evil. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • 93% Love, Victor. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • 96% Rutherford Falls. Rotten Tomatoes TV.
  • – – Animal Kingdom.

What is the best Netflix original series?

The 30 Best Netflix Original Series

  • Russian Doll. Created by: Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler.
  • The Crown. Created by: Peter Morgan.
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Developed by: Jeffrey Addis, Will Matthews.
  • Unbelievable.
  • When They See Us.
  • Bridgerton.
  • GLOW.
  • The Umbrella Academy.

Is there anything new on Disney plus?

Disney+ has something new for everyone this month, whether you’re waiting excitedly for new episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, or the newest MCU miniseries, Ms. Marvel, which tells the story of Marvel Studio’s first Muslim superhero: Avengers super-fan Kamala Khan.

What’s on Apple TV right now? The 31 Best Shows and Movies on Apple TV+ Right Now (June 2022)

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth.
  • Physical.
  • Prehistoric Planet.
  • The Essex Serpent.
  • The Big Conn.
  • Shining Girls.
  • Roar.
  • Slow Horses.

What movies came out on October 7?

Wednesday, October 7

  • The Bad Guys.
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.
  • The Northman.

What’s coming to prime October 2021?

Here are the highlights of what is new in October:

  • Lore, Season 1 (October 13)
  • The Americans, Season 5 (October 5)
  • Arrival (October 28)
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (October 14)
  • American Horror Story: Roanoke (October 3)
  • The Wall (October 20)
  • Red Oaks, Season 3 (October 20)
  • Bubble Guppies, Season 2 (October 3)

What movies are coming out in October 7 2022?

Coming Out Friday, October 7, 2022

Lyle the Crocodile is the happiest crocodile any home ever had until one neighbor insists that Lyle belongs in a zoo.

Is there a symbol for depression?

You might have seen rainstorm images, ravens, and skull or grim reaper symbols. Barren landscapes and faces of cliffs are popular, too. All of these are commonly associated with depression because they capture the essence of the darkness, despair, struggle, and thoughts of death that are hallmarks of major depression.

What’s new on Canadian Netflix?

New Releases

  • Workin’ Moms.
  • Super PupZ.
  • Abby Hatcher.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City.

Is F9 on Netflix? Watch F9: The Fast Saga | Netflix.

What is Disney currently working on? Disney and Pixar will release another animated film, “Turning Red,” next March. Domee Shi, who directed the Pixar short “Bao,” has been working on her own feature-length film, “Turning Red.” The film follows 13-year-old Mei Lee, who turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited.

What is the next movie in 2022? 2022 brings us Doctor Strange, Thor and the Batman, plus Jurassic Park, Knives Out 2, Avatar 2, a few original movies and a lot more delays. Check out the latest blockbuster release dates.

What mental health month is October?

October is depression and mental health awareness month. These are topics often not discussed in our personal or work lives, and yet mental health disorders affect millions of American workers.

What is a mental day off?

A mental health day is a day you take off from work or school, and minimize any commitments or responsibilities. You can use this time to focus on relieving stress, relaxing, having fun, and preventing burnout.

What is the color for depression awareness?

Green is the color used for awareness in mental health. It is a symbol for mental illnesses, bipolar disorder and depression. Green symbolizes the continual awareness of mental health in order to help fight the stigma that is often associated it.

Why Is October a good month?

1. The beauty of the changing leaves. Every year, nature puts on the ultimate show as the leaves change color. There’s no better month of the year than October to enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves, whether you take a scenic drive or head off for a proper weekend vacation to get the full effect of the Fall foliage.

What significant days are in October?


  • October 1st – World Vegetarian Day.
  • October 2nd – National Custodial Worker Day.
  • October 2nd – World Smile Day (First Friday of the month)
  • October 4th – National Frappe Day.
  • October 5th – World Teacher’s Day.
  • October 9th – Fire Prevention Day.
  • October 9th – World Egg Day (Second Friday of the month)

What is special on 6th October?

Today is National Noodle Day and National Mad Hatter Day.

Is October a good month to be born?

October babies tend to grow up to be very healthy people. NBC’s Today reports that those born this month traditionally develop great cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels, and as a result, have a reduced risk of heart disease.

What are the top 10 movies right now? 30 Most Popular Movies Right Now

  • #1. Lightyear (2022) 75% #1.
  • #2. Jurassic World Dominion (2022) 30% #2.
  • #3. Top Gun: Maverick (2022) 97% #3.
  • #4. Spiderhead (2022) 41% #4.
  • #5. Hustle (2022) 92% #5.
  • #6. The Black Phone (2021) 86% #6.
  • #7. Elvis (2022) 83% #7.
  • #8. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) 95% #8.

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