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What date was Good Friday 1988?

Moveable Feasts Related to Easter

Date Holiday name
Thursday, March 31, 1988 Maundy Thursday
Friday, April 1, 1988 Good Friday
Sunday, April 3, 1988 Easter
Monday, April 4, 1988 Easter Monday

• Apr 3, 2022.

What date was Good Friday 1989?

Moveable Feasts Related to Easter

Date Holiday name
Thursday, March 23, 1989 Maundy Thursday
Friday, March 24, 1989 Good Friday
Sunday, March 26, 1989 Easter
Monday, March 27, 1989 Easter Monday

• Mar 26, 2017

How many days did February have in 1988?

February 1988 has 20 work days.

When was Easter 1963?

Moveable Feasts Related to Easter

Date Holiday name
Sunday, April 7, 1963 Palm Sunday
Thursday, April 11, 1963 Maundy Thursday
Friday, April 12, 1963 Good Friday
Sunday, April 14 , 1963 Easter

• Apr 14, 2019

When was Easter 1977?

Easter 1977 is April 10.

What is the rarest date for Easter?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, which looked at Easter dates between 1600 and 2099, the rarest date for Easter is March 24. Within those nearly 500 years, the holiday occurs only twice on that date.

What date was Easter in 1983?

Easter 1983 is April 3.

How many times has Easter fallen on April 17th?

The Dates of Easter for 500 Years

Year Easter d(jul)
2025 20-Apr 110
2024 31-Mar 91
2023 09-Apr 99
2022 17-Apr 107

Why is Easter so late in 2022? Today, although the Gregorian calendar is the international civil calendar, it’s still not used by all churches. The Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, so the Orthodox Easter normally falls a bit later (in 2022 it will be marked on Sunday 24 April.)

What day was Christmas 1988?

Christmas Day 1988 is December 25.

When was Easter 1940?

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year

April 7th, 1901 March 30th, 1902 April 23rd, 1905
April 12th, 1936 March 28th, 1937 March 24th , 1940
April 13th, 1941 April 5th, 1942 April 1st, 1945
April 21st, 1946 April 6th, 1947 April 9th, 1950
March 25th, 1951 April 13th, 1952 April 10th, 1955

How many years ago was 1988?

30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1988.

What is the year 1988?

If you were born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, or 2024, then your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon .

Lucky flowers:

Years of the Dragon Chinese Zodiac Years Calendar Types of Dragon
1988 February 17, 1988 – February 5, 1989 Earth Dragon

• Apr 19, 2022

Why was Easter 2008 so early?

Comparative calendars

Some churches still observe Easter under the Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar was created because the Julian calendar was slightly too long. With the Julian calendar, the equinox date moved towards the earlier dates of March and further away from the Easter.

What is the rarest Easter day? The date with the fewest Easters is March 23, which has only 14 (0.56%). It’s only in the extreme tails of the distribution where you find Easter dates that are very rare. The earliest three Easter dates (March 22 – 24) and the latest three Easter dates (April 23 – 25) are pretty unusual.

What was the biggest news story in 1988? U.S. Events

US Navy ship shoots down Iranian airliner in Persian Gulf, mistaking it for jet fighter; 290 killed (July 3). Democratic convention nominates Gov. Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts for President and Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen for Vice President (July 17 et seq.).

What great things happened in 1988? Some big 1988 events include the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, becoming the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century. The Soviet war with Afghanistan eventually ended after 8 long years, and the devastating Pan Am Flight 103 disaster shocked the world in December.

What month did Easter fall on in 1988?

Catholic Easter Sunday in 1988 was on Sunday, April 3rd.

What day was Labor Day on in 1988?

The most common (Federal) holidays of the United States (USA) in 1988 are listed below.

1988 Holidays.

Date September 5 , 1988
Holiday Labor Day
Day Monday
Days to go

How many days are there in the year 1988?

The year 1988 has 366 days.

What date was Valentine’s Day 1987?

1987 Holidays

Date Holiday Day
February 14 , 1987 Valentine’s Day Saturday
February 16, 1987 Presidents Day and Washington’s Birthday Monday
March 3, 1987 Mardi Gras Carnival (New Orleans) Tuesday
March 8, 1987 Daylight Saving (Start) Sunday

How many days were there in 1989?

The year 1989 has 365 days.

Was there a Friday the 13th in 1963?

Friday December 13, 1963.

When was Easter Sunday in 1982?

Easter 1982 is April 11.

What day was Easter on in 1986? In the year 1986 Easter Sunday was on:

Catholic Easter Sunday in 1986 was on Sunday, March 30th. Orthodox Easter Sunday in 1986 was celebrated 7 days later, on Sunday, April 6th.

What was created in 1988?

MS-DOS 4.0 was released in July 1988. Microsoft Office was first introduced on August 1, 1988. Steve Jobs unveiled the NeXT computer on October 12, 1988. Sega released its first gaming console system, the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive in Japan), in Japan on October 29, 1988, and later in North America on August 14, 1989.

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