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What can I say instead of Merry Christmas?

Other Ways of Saying “Merry Christmas”

  • As always, what a blessing you are!
  • Celebrate this holiday with a lot of fun, excitement, and surprises.
  • Glad tidings to your jolly soul.
  • Enjoy some holiday magic on me.
  • Have a cuddly Christmas.
  • Have your best Christmas ever!
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas.


Do you say Happy Christmas Eve?

The celebration begins on December 24 evening, called Christmas Eve. But on this day, individuals greet each other with the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ and not ‘Happy Christmas’. The reason behind the phrasing is that people often use the word ‘Happy’ during the new year, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Why is Christmas Eve eve so happy?

Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, said the catchphrase during season two, episode nine – The One with Phoebe’s Dad. The episode aired on December 14, 1995. In the episode, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica and Rachel are in the Central Perk coffee shop when Phoebe walks in and tells them “Hey, Happy Christmas Eve Eve.”

What do you wish on 24th December?

Cards tagged with 24th december

  • My Wishes For You Wish your dear ones a joyful Christmas eve with this warm and bright ecard.
  • Night Before Christmas! It’s Christmas eve!
  • Wishing You Many Joys Reach out to your friends/ family/ loved ones with this cute Christmas eve wish.
  • Christmas Eve!
  • On A Magical Night

Why do people say Happy Christmas Eve eve?

Thus the name “Christmas eve eve”. The meme template is actually a snippet taken from the popular series FRIENDS which aired in 1995. The Merry Christmas eve eve meme was born when one of the characters named Phoebe greets her friends sitting at the coffee shop.

What is Christmas meant for?

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.

How do I post a Christmas greeting on Facebook?

According to Facebook, first head to the top of your news feed, and then click “send a holiday card.” There will be a selection of templates, and although choosing from any of the adorable holiday themes is by far the hardest part, trust us: The overwhelming responsibility of making a choice is totally worth it.

What is a 12 letter word?

12 letter words that start with B

  • babyproofing.
  • bacchanalian.
  • bachelordoms.
  • bachelorette.
  • bachelorhood.
  • bachelorisms.
  • bachelorlike.
  • backbenchers.

Why is it called Xmas? In the early days of the Christian church, Christians used the letter X as a secret symbol to indicate their membership in the church to others. If you know the Greek meaning of X, Xmas and Christmas essentially mean the same thing: Christ + mas = Christmas. Looking for more holiday-themed fun?

What is the best message for Christmas 2021?


  • “Best wishes for a joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness and prosperity!”
  • “May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!”
  • “Merry Christmas!
  • “May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter.”

What is a good holiday message?

“Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness.” “Wishing you a holiday filled with peace & love… and a New Year rich with blessings.” “Wishing you and your loved ones all the wonder and magic of Christmas.” “Wishing you contentment, joy and peace this holiday and always.”

How do I text a Christmas message?

Professional Christmas Text Messages

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  2. Your business this year means so much.
  3. May your Christmas season be filled with peace and joy!
  4. Sending you wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous holiday season.
  5. We enjoy working with you and wish you the very best during the holidays and beyond.

What is the best message for Christmas and New Year?

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always. Wishing you a joyous Holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year. Best wishes for the Holidays, and for health and happiness throughout the coming year.

What does R stand for in Christmas?

R can stand for red, a Christmas color, fun and bright. Combined with green it makes our decorations look just right. R also means reverent. As we think of Jesus’s birth, We remember that our Savior came to live for us on earth.

Who Named Christmas? The first known use of Christmas, according to Merriam-Webster, was before the 12th century and originates from Middle English’s Christemass meaning “Christ’s mass.” Mass in Old English, according to Dictionary.com, references a church service.

What Xmas word starts with Z? The Christmas Words That Start With Z are zoom, zigzag, zest, zucchini and zesty.

Why is Christmas spelled Xmas? It is sometimes pronounced /ˈɛksməs/, but Xmas, and variants such as Xtemass, originated as handwriting abbreviations for the typical pronunciation /ˈkrɪsməs/. The “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Christós (Greek: Χριστός), which became Christ in English.

What do you call a person who love Christmas?

Several online forum or crowdsourced dictionaries (i.e., Urban Dictionary, Uncyclopedia) have suggested the following words: yulephile, yuletidephile, Christmasphile, and Christougenniatikophile.

What are 7 letter Christmas words?

Seven-Letter Christmas Words

  • Festive.
  • Antlers.
  • Believe.
  • Goodies.
  • Angelic.
  • Blitzen.
  • Excited.
  • Deliver.

What is a Christmas word?

Christmas Words T-Z

Even if your favorite part of the holiday season is being on vacation, these Christmas words from T-Z are sure to bring you tidings of joy. Tannenbaum. Three Kings Day. tidings. tinsel.

What Christmas word starts with N?


  • Nativity.
  • Newborn.
  • Noel.
  • North Pole.
  • Nutcracker.
  • Nutmeg.
  • Nostalgia.
  • Night Before Christmas.

Is December 24th Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is on December 24 and marks the culmination of the Advent period before Christmas that starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Eve. Many churches mark the end of Advent with midnight church services. During modern times, it is popularly celebrated on the night before Christmas Day.

How do you wish in December?


  1. It’s the most wonderful month of the year.
  2. Happy first day of December, everyone.
  3. Happy December!
  4. Happy December, everyone!
  5. Hope you all make this a December to remember.
  6. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
  7. Wishing you a joyful December.
  8. Wishing you a magical, magnificent, and merry month of December!

What do you write in a short and sweet Christmas card?

Short and Sweet Christmas Messages

  1. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  2. Wishing you all the best that a holiday could offer.
  3. Peace, joy, and love to you and your family.
  4. May your Christmas season be filled with joy and light!
  5. Hope your stocking is stuffed full of joy this year.

What do you write in a 2021 Christmas card? General Christmas card messages

  1. Merry Christmas!
  2. May you never lose that kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling.
  3. Wishing you less stress and a little more holiday magic this Christmas season.
  4. May your holidays be filled with warmth and laughter.
  5. Here’s hoping Santa is good to you this year!

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