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Is today National Hot Chocolate day?

Each year on January 31st, National Hot Chocolate Day warms up people across the country by celebrating the timeless cold-weather beverage. Hot chocolate is a warm beverage made with ground chocolate, heated milk or water, and sugar. In America, we often use the terms hot chocolate and hot cocoa interchangeably..

What National day is on January 24th?

Jan 24 – National Beer Can Appreciation Day | National Peanut Butter Day on National Day Calendar.

What national day is it on February 2?

National Groundhog Day on February 2nd each year asks one question.

What is celebrated January 25th?

National Irish Coffee Day. National IV Nurse Day. National Plan for Vacation Day – January 25, 2022 (Last Tuesday in January)

What national day is it on January 15?

Each year, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day on January 15th celebrates one of the choicest flavors of ice cream.

What National day is 27th January?

National Chocolate Cake Day

Indulge in this delectable cocoa-based dessert, make the original pioneering recipe or put a modern twist on this classic by adding flavors like matcha.

What National day is January 26th?

National Spouses Day on January 26th each year celebrates the bond between two people and sets aside time for couples to show each other gratitude. Dedicated to recognizing spouses everywhere, the observance reminds us to take time for our mate.

What national day is it on January 28?


As we continue our search for the origins of this breakfast food holiday, another stack or two will hold you over.

What is celebrated January 17th? Martin Luther King Day of Service – January 17, 2022 (Third Monday in January) Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 17, 2022 (Third Monday in January) National Bootleggers Day.

What is celebrated December 13?

December 13 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Guard Birthday United States Observance
National Cocoa Day Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Violin Day Unofficial (Art & Entertainment)
Pick A Pathologist Pal Day Unofficial (Work & Occupation)

What National day is January 14th?

Ratification Day on January 14th annually recognizes the act that officially ended the American Revolution. The day commemorates the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784, at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland, by the Confederation Congress.

What National day is December 15th?

BILL OF RIGHTS DAY – December 15

Bill of Rights Day recognizes the importance of the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution passed by Congress on September 25, 1789.

What National day is on December 14th?

December 14 also marks National Bouillabaisse Day, National Free Shipping day, National Monkey Day, and National Salesperson Day.

What is celebrated January 16th?

National Nothing Day
Observed by United States, unofficially
Date January 16
Next time 16 January 2023
Frequency Annual

What national day is it on January 17? NATIONAL HOT BUTTERED RUM DAY – January 17.


What National day is on January 17th? On January 17th, National Hot Buttered Rum Day warms us up during mid-January. Depending on where you are on this January day, it may be warm, chilly, cold, or frigid. Enjoying a hot buttered rum drink would sure be a good way to warm up if you are in one of the latter three.

Is today National Horse day?

National Horse Day is celebrated every December 13. It’s a day to remember the economic, historic, and cultural contributions that horses have made. Equine enthusiasts across the country will get together on December 13 to show their appreciation for these majestic creatures.

What is December 15th celebration?

Step aside, coffee and Coca Cola, for International Tea Day on December 15, we drink the most popular beverage in the world. The day mainly seeks to raise awareness on the impact the tea trade has on farmers and workers but is also celebrated by tea lovers worldwide.

What is today special day in world?

World Wind Day – June 15, 2022.

What is the horse Emoji?

Horse emoji

The Horse emoji depicts a horse. It is commonly used to refer to actual horses, horse racing, or to figurative uses of the word horse. It is often used alongside the Horse Face emoji and the Horse Racing emoji .

What National Day is it on December 14?

On December 14th National Monkey Day celebrates the unique characteristics of simians and focuses on other non-human primates.

What national day is it February 3?

National Carrot Cake Day on February 3rd, celebrates one of America’s favorite flavors of cake. In the carrot cake, we get to eat our cake and veggies, too!

Is February 13 a special day?

On February 13th, Galentine’s Day brings women together to celebrate each other every year the day before Valentine’s day. Women all have that one friend who cheers on her female companions.

What national day is Feb 7? On February 7th, National Periodic Table Day recognizes the publication of the first table of elements. We also look at how the periodic table has changed through the years.

What National day is January 11th?

NATIONAL MILK DAY – January 11 – National Day Calendar. CELEBRATION NATION! Join our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming national days. Success!

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