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Is there a world Alcohol Day?

On October 3, people and communities around the world organize activities, take over social media, create alcohol-free environments, arrange events, and spread sober inspiration in their societies through small and big actions..

What is September 7th national day?

National Grandma Moses Day wishes a Happy Birthday to Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka Grandma Moses, who was born on September 7, 1860.

Is there a whiskey day?

Every year on March 27th, whiskey fans from around the world come together to celebrate their favorite distilled alcoholic beverage.

What is celebrated September 11?

Patriot Day, holiday observed in the United States on September 11 to commemorate the lives of those who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Virginia and those who perished when the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

Is September 7th a beer Day?

On September 7th, National Beer Lover’s Day celebrates the grains, hops and brewing methods across many eras. Beer and the process of brewing beer may predate known history. As varied as the methods, grains, and flavors, beer continues to change and evolve.

Why is today called Patriot Day?

In the United States, Patriot Day occurs on September 11 of each year in memory of the people killed in the September 11 attacks of the year 2001.

Who gets Patriots day off?

Like Massachusetts and Maine, it celebrates it on the third Monday of every April. But like in Wisconsin, it isn’t a legal holiday. The four states are divided on the proper punctuation. Massachusetts and Connecticut call it Patriots’ Day while Maine and Wisconsin go with the singular Patriot’s Day.

Is September 28th National beer Day?

National Drink Beer Day toasts that malty elixir on September 28th, annually. Just as the Oktoberfest season comes to an end, the day reminds us to enjoy the world’s most popular adult beverage.

What National Day is September 8?

Holiday Category Tags
Sep 8 Thursday
International Literacy Day Cause Activities, Awareness
National Ampersand Day Special Interest Appreciation, Educational, Obscure
National Dog Walker Appreciation Day Career, Dog, Pet

What is the drunkest holiday?

The list of booziest holidays has Mardi Gras in first place and Thanksgiving in last.

What is September 9th National Day?


On September 9th, National Teddy Bear Day honors the history of one of childhood’s favorite toys.

Which state drinks the most?

Per capita alcohol consumption of all beverages in the U.S. by state 2020. New Hampshire is currently the state with the highest per capita alcohol consumption in the United States.

What day do Americans drink the most beer?

Biggest Beer-Buying Holidays

  1. Fourth of July. Sales: 63.5 million cases.
  2. Memorial Day. Sales: 61.0 million cases.
  3. Labor Day. Sales: 60.2 million cases.
  4. Father’s Day. Photo: Hoby Finn|Photodisc|Getty Images.
  5. Cinco de Mayo. Photo: iStockphoto.
  6. Thanksgiving. Sales: 52.8 million cases.
  7. Christmas. Sales: 52.8 million cases.
  8. Halloween.

What is National Teddy Bear Day?

U.S. Teddy Bear Day is celebrated on September 9 annually, a day set aside for everyone to bring out all their teddy bears to thank them for their companionship, the wonderful moments we’ve had with them, and all the days and nights they’ve comforted us.

What National Day is Sep 22? On September 22nd, National Centenarian’s Day honors those who’ve celebrated 100 birthdays or more.

What national day is it on September 17? By 1949, the governors of all 48 states had issued Constitution Day proclamations. On February 29, 1952, Congress changed the name from “I am an American Day” to “Citizenship Day” and moved its observation to September 17. In 2004, the day was renamed Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

Is today National Cocktail day 2021?


What alcohol do people drink the most?

U.S. adults’ reports of the type of alcoholic beverage they drink most often, since 1992. Currently, 39% of U.S. drinkers say beer is their go to drink, 31% say it is wine and 27% say it is liquor. Beer has outpaced wine in most readings and wine has outpaced liquor nearly every time it was tracked.

What is US #1 cocktail?

The Most Popular Cocktails List Nationwide

Rank Cocktail
1 Margarita
2 Martini
3 Old Fashioned
4 Mimosa

What are the drinking days of the week?

Use these to go out, to stay in, to make for yourself, to enjoy with all your friends, or to win the tailgate.

  • Monday Margaritas. PIN IT. Erica Swanson.
  • Tuesday Moscow Mules. PIN IT.
  • 3) Wednesday Sangria. PIN IT.
  • 4) Thursday Wells. PIN IT.
  • 5) Friday Long Island’s. PIN IT.
  • Saturday Game Day Cocktails. PIN IT.
  • Sunday Wine Night. PIN IT.

Is there a national gin day?

World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin, held on the second Saturday in June!

Is today National Bourbon Day?

Since June 14 is National Bourbon Day, a little history is in order. In the mid-1700s, Scots-Irish settlers in the area that is now Virginia and Kentucky began distilling corn — the only grain native to the area, but one which made for excellent whiskey owing to its sweetness.

Why is World Whiskey Day?

International Whiskey Day was launched in 2009 at the Whiskey Day Festival in the northern Netherlands in the presence of several whiskey writers. The event was created in honor of British writer Michael Jackson and is celebrated on Jackson’s birthday.

Is today international Scotch day? International Scotch Day falls on 8th February every year. It’s a global celebration of Scotch whisky, and anyone (who’s over the legal drinking age in their country) can get involved by sharing their Scotch whisky drams, stories and messages using the hashtag #InternationalScotchDay.

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