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Baby Shower | Decoration and organization ideas for baby shower

A baby shower is a celebration held to welcome a future baby that will soon be part of the home, where people close to the future parents are responsible for giving all kinds of details for the little one who is on the way, as well as providing advice and tips to the next parents who will surely need.

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Prepare a baby shower It’s not easy, it implies first of all. a good organization for the event to be a success, for that you have to take into account the time, so I suggest you to carry it out with due anticipation, because there are many decisions to be made and that sometimes can be complicated or difficult, for example the date when it was held, the place, invitations, decoration, details for the dessert table, among others.

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And although many people have the belief that these types of events are boring, you’ll find that in reality is not so, because a baby shower can be as much fun as any other party. Nowadays in one of these parties you can find men and women, fun games and entertaining so that the environment is the ideal one, as well as beautiful decorations I want to start talking to you about.

Decoration of baby shower

The decoration for a baby shower varies largely depending on the sex of the future baby, because the colors and details that will be used to decorate the place revolve around it, except in cases when the gender of the baby is unknown or prefer to handle it as a surprise, as these cases are used neutral tones such as white, gold, yellow and silver, which can be used as unisex.

Baby sower for children

Usually a baby shower for children is based on the decoration with blue tones, although the green and yellow tones are also appropriate for use as main, and can create unimaginable combinations with details in gold and classic white, which is one of the most used, as it reflects a little tenderness and is perfect for the occasion.

Baby shower for girls

On the other hand, if it’s about a celebration to receive a girl It is more common to see pink tones, as well as purple, and although the combinations of complementary colors is very similar to that of children, have the difference of using the trend in event decoration based on tulle and flowers, as it is well known are elements that are closely associated with the female sex.

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